Crysalys - Biography




Crysalys is more than just a musical project, it's a concept, a word of lucent yet cruel fairytales, it's like reality trapped into illusion, a vibrating dream. The first larva saw the light of day in summer 2004, when a young couple of musicians, Chiara (vocals) and Alessandro (drums) decided to create a band in which a fascinating and melodic female voice could join a powerful and heavy sound, potentially inspired by Swedish melodic death metal, by replacing the usual growling-screaming vocals with the luminous and dramatic tones of a classical-trained soprano.

The first line-up released a home-made demo, Season Of Suffering, in 2006. Autumn 2007, after a few line-up changes, saw Crysalys recording their first official EP, White Louts On Acheron' Shores. This release, defined by a detailed and professional sound, drew the attention of webzines, magazines, fans and specialized metal press and pushed Crysalys into the spotlight of the Italian and European female-fronted metal scene.

In January 2009, while waiting to record its first full length, the band decided to give their fans a new MCD entitled ...And Let The Innocence Dream. However, during the summer of the same year the two guitarists and the bass player chose to leave Crysalys to form a new metalcore band. However, after a brief split, a month later the band was once again renewed, now with the introduction of a new instrument: the keyboard. Modern synths and emotional piano tunes are a fundamental and innovative element and will help the band to experiment innovative sounds and evolve its original concept. With new members and influences,the new sound of Crysalys is developing to a symphonic gothic metal style, with more operatic elements mixed with a modern metal sound. The release of the Italian band's debut album, The Awakening Of Gaia, was recorded in 2010, and released September 2011.