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Hailing from Italy, Krampus is an 8 piece folk death metal band who has launched themselves to the forefront of the folk metal scene. Krampus offers an eclectic array of folk sounds with the usage of bagpipes, flutes, whistles, violins, and the Irish Bouzouki partnered with the modern metal sounds of heavy guitars, aggressive vocals, and melodic keyboards. In addition to creating a new breed of sound, Krampus focus' on their lyrical content while addressing themes such as issues with humanity and nature, and environmental awareness.

Krampus was born in 2009 from an idea of Riccardo Romanelli to create a folk metal band. The original sound was a classic folk metal with a clean voice by Axel Lessio, but after a few changes in the lineup and the entrance of the new singer Filippo Gianotti the band moved towards a more aggressive sound influenced by melodic death metal. After a few local gigs they released their first self-produced Demo in April 2010, which was promoted locally. The sound of the band shifted definitely to a mix between folk metal and melodic death and in summer 2010 the pre-production of "Rocks of Verden" was released on the band MySpace. In late summer Alessandro Galliera took the place of Riccardo and Matteo Sisti joined the band. The band started to write new songs and in October 2010 the band entered the studio, with Giacomo "Jack" Barboni and Filippo Gianotti as producers, to record their new EP Shadows of Our Time, released in March of 2011. While playing major festivals in Europe, the band then released their second EP, Kronos' Heritage in the summer of 2011 to high praise amongst the metal community.
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