Antropophobia - Biography




Antropophobia - the one-man-band, where the author and performer Yulian-Dmitry combines several styles in his music - Atmospheric Black, Dark Metal, Doom Metal, Depressive Black, author himself characterizes the music genre as - Luciferian Dark Metal. This is one of the few groups with its own style, individualy formed ideology. Struggle, pain and obstacles on a long torturous path are vividly expressed in this atmospheric music. All this is accompanied by aggression and powerful guitar riffs. Solo guitar deepens the atmosphere and causes different feelings that come up from the depths of the dark ocean soul, because the author literally improvised recording it in his songs. Gloom and melody adds and enriches the deep essence of music, where you can feel the eternity, spirituality and certain rejection.

Luciferian Dark Metal - gloomy metal, symbolizing the image of the fallen angel "Lucifer" as the archetype. This is a fall in the dark labyrinths of the human mind, where there is a sound of outcry, hopelessness. "Lucifer" from Latin - emitting the light that animates the darkness with its brilliance, leading chaos to motion. This meaning can be interpreted as the introduction of something new and individual to Dark Metal and branches of Black metal.

Lyrics which are mainly focused on internal sensations and experiences, have quite different themes. There is much that binds them all together in a common concept, where an important role is played by the artistry, as well as problems with society.

As a result, the mood of the songs can vary from the strength and sublimity of spirit to the extreme despair of the tormented soul. You can also notice other particular features in Antropophobia. This ist the image of an awesome cosmic phenomenon known as the "black hole." The author explains it by the fact that it is a portal to the true self, the very real chaos as the dark side of the soul, the cosmos, from what everything came and can be absorbed. And it shows the same "Lucifer" as a symbol of the very essence of this mysterious phenomenon - higher intelligence. This picture is on the cover of the debut album "Scream in Emptiness". And how did this Scream first started when no one could hear it? On this later ...

It all started in the city of Kursk, in 2007, when the first ideas of the text Lucifer's Scream appeared. At about the same time the group Soul Scream was formed, who played in Atmospheric Black style, almost all effords and creativity went to this band. Only two years later, in 2009, the cry of a fallen angel finaly crystallized to the project named Antropophobia, in one day the songs Lucifer's Scream, Light Kills and It's All Over, were created, along with the name and ideas of band's logo.

Antropophobia - is a fear of people, misanthropy. The project was fastly progressing, there was a lot of ideas, and soon the author wrote all the material alone. Despite the difficult conditions, the lack of good equipment, he manages to transfer the right atmosphere in the records and achieve the desired sound. But for him it was important to find a band for live performances and rehearsals. Unfortunately, in a modest provincial town this wish couldn't come true, due to obstacles in mentality it wasn't even possible to find musicians for these purposes. With no despair, the author sends his records to a recording label, where he gets a good evaluation and consent to publication. Thus, in 2011 the debut album "Scream in Emptiness" was released by Solitude Productions (series Art of Silence). Many compositions were invented in addition to the nine songs, but were not included to the CD, because they have unfinished texts. In summer of 2012 the author moved to St. Petersburg, where, finally, it became possible to find a band for rehearsals and concerts.