Ravenscry - Biography



The project started in August 2008, near Milan, with an encounter between guitarist Paul Raimondi (ex-drummer Hyperion), bassist Fagio, and Simon Carminati behind the drums, Soon after, they were joined by guitarist Mauro Paganelli. A month and several listening sessions later, the four musicians are captured by the voice of Giulia Stefani, a talented vocalist from Rome who then joined the project. Giulia fits perfectly the idea of Ravenscry: a voice full of intensity and heat, capable of many shades, who became an added value for the band's music, which was therefore able to double the range of accessible emotions, intertwining 8 string-guitar riffs with the pleasing melodies created by her voice. The style was deliberately modern, incorporating the influences of very diverse components, comprised primarily of rock and metal, while at the same time leaving room for new influences, such as electronics. The themes in the lyrics are numerous and strong: the base is a cry of protest against a system where meritocracy does not exist and the sacrifice has a purpose often illusory, difficult relationships between parents and children who also find themselves, physical pleasure, and alienation. Nothing is left out, because music is life and tells every aspect of it.

Once completed, the line-up got back to work, composing 12 original songs in a few months. In March 2009, the band recorded the entire repertoire at Fear Studio in Ravenna (Italy); an informed choice, consistent with the intent to seek the utmost professionalism. The competence of Simone Mularoni (Empyrios, DGM) and Simone Bertozzi (Empyrios, The Modern Age Slavery), combined with the quality of the studio helped to produce songs that Ravenscry were searching for. The vocal parts recorded at Suonovivo (Bergamo, Italy), with the expert Dario Ravelli. All material was sent for the mixing process to Fabrizio Grossi of Sounds Of Pisces (Los Angeles, CA), a producer whose collaborations are expressive and varied in both quantity and quality. Grossi also provided the link to Tom Baker of Precision Mastering, who took care of the mastering.

December 1, 2009, saw the release of their self-titled EP, sold through the official website, iTunes and Amazon. This release was an extract from the forthcoming full-length and contains 5 tracks: "Nobody," "Calliope," and the suite of three pieces entitled "Redemption."

Spring 2010 found Ravenscry full of commitments, starting with a photo session and the video shoot of "Nobody," directed by Salvatore Perrone, former director for bands like Exilia, From Autumn To Ashes, August Burns Red, and Sick Of It All to name few. The video was officially presented in Milan during a concert in May 2010. For the occasion, the band got the endorsement of EMP-Italy, the largest distributor of rock/metal/alternative clothing and accessories in Europe.

Ravenscry signed with Wormholedeath/Dreamcell11 on October 1, 2010, for the publishing and distribution of the first full length, entitled One Way Out, which was released April 15, 2011. In 2012 One Way Out was released in Japan for Hydrant Music and the "Calliope" official video was also released.
 Ravenscry played at the PPM FEST 2014 in Belgium.

Their new album, titled The Attraction of Opposites, was released on May 27th, 2014, and reached #1 on Amazon USA. For this last work Ravenscry worked with Roberto Laghi (mixing) and Dragan Tanaskovic (mastering), who produced the last In Flames works.