AnachroniA - Biography




In 1995 Nat discovered the magic of guitar watching his cousin playing. He decided to learn playing the guitar and started with his mum's.
1997: he bought his first guitar and, at the same time, knot closer friendship with his old friend, Thomas, who, on his side, was enthusiastic about Iron Maiden and also learning to play the guitar. Both lived in the same district. So they decided to play together - followed the idea to create a band. This was realized in February 2000: they met the drummer djp. So was born Kobalt.

They started the rehearsals but were missing a singer and a bass-player. So Thomas thought about his schoolfriend David who showed up to be a good singer. They composed several songs in djp's house in Tourcoing. In March 2000 Sylvain (bass-player), from the same highschool as Nath, joined the band. A few months later, David unfortunately had to left Kobalt.

This brought huge changes inside the band. During 18 months, many singers were auditioned without success. They used this time to compose several instrumental songs, including most of the first album's songs.

At the end of the year 2001 the band met Seb, a singer and keyboardist with whom the band could complete the missing vocal-lines. They gave some concerts together. Because of musical discrepancies, Seb finally decided to leave the band. A female singer (Ines) joined Kobalt in 2002 and the band was renamed AnachroniA. The vocal-lines have been refined and the band changed its style of music. Ines gave 3 concerts with AnachroniA but had to leave because of a lack of time and was replaced by a young singer called Alessia. A demo was recorded and many concerts were given. Not even a year later, she left AnachroniA (September 2003). After a few weeks of searching, AnachroniA met Amandine, a singer who very quickly convinced all the members with her voice and her ideas as well. At this time, AnachroniA met by chance Anthony, a talented piano and keyboard player.

So the line-up was finally complete! AnachroniA is now working to get known... To be continued...