Radigost - Biography




Radigost is a band from Russia (Moscow). It is rather hard to determine our music style. In their music they use elements from different styles, such as Black, Doom and Death metal. They can't relate their music to any definite style, so you can do it by yourself.

Radigost was founded in autumn 1994 by guitarist Rimmon and bass player Alastor. They played slow doom-metal then, so this music seems very uninteresting and simple now because of their low instruments-playing skills during that time. Vocals were performed by Alvis who was taken soon after the band's creation.

First band name was "Infernus" but soon it had been changed to "Istanus" because of the other band with the same name. In 1995 keyboardist & vocalist Svar was taken instead of Alvis. With such line-up, in April 1995, the first demo-tape called "The Way" was recorded. It contained 5 tracks and represented more interesting and rich music. After that, due to difficulties with drummer, they decided to change the roles in the band, so Alastor became drummer and Svar became bass player & vocalist.

In august 1995 single-song "Spirit of the past" (old version) was recorded. New guitarist Valafar was taken in winter 1996. Few months later Alastor left the band and they took new drummer Pit Lord in his place. After that the band renamed to "Radigost" and began to record new stuff. Second demo "Nocturne" was recorded in February 1997 and received good responses from Metal Agen records.
In this connection they decided to record a new album and to release it with the help of Metal Agen. The album "Nocturne" appeared in march 1999 in MC-format. Our music in "Nocturne" has become more fast and complicated and the band style has approached to black/doom metal. In September 1999 female-keyboardist Amoneth was invited and in December 1999 Pit Lord left the band.

2000 -2001: The band successfully started their live activities by taking part in several Moscow concerts. Gniffuts from the Moscow black-metal band "Embrace of Night" agreed to help them by playing the drums.

The band's first album "Nocturne" was re-released in CD-format in summer 2002 by "Stygian Crypt productions" with two exclusive bonus-tracks: "At parting" and "Until".

In winter 2003 drummer Pit Lord returned. At the same time the band started recording stuff for the new album. After more than a year, in march 2004, the second album "For The Honor Of Our Truth... For The Honor Of Our Faith" was released by the same label "Stygian Crypt productions" in digi-pack case. With new concert program ready, Radigost reopened it's concert activities in December 2004.

After a 4-years break, in February 2008, Hadahardz Music label releases the long-awaited third full-length album "A Stellar Kingdom", issued in 10-panel Digi-CD format. Radigost now known as a pagan-black band has evolved its music style again. The new album reveals a considerable classical music impact that shows in clean vocal parts performed by a professional opera female-singer Irma Otto, impressive classical nylon-guitar parts and orchestrations. At the same time, the basic elements of heavy music traditional for the band are demonstrated in A Stellar Kingdom and feature such musical styles as black, folk and even death metal.

(Source: Official website, though slightly altered)