Emerna - Biography

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Firstly formulated and formed with the name of "Avinar" as the first Black Metal one-man project in winter 1999, Iran - Tehran. Since recording twelve demo albums in very low quality the project changed and renamed to "Emerna" in April 18, 2006. No album officially released with Avinar because of low quality and production.

Also Emerna founded another side project called "Shab" in summer 2003, that he tried it be a Black Metal band but other members hadn't strong connection with the band and their own positions. They've never been on records and finally the project dissolved in spring 2006 with six promo albums which never released officially because of the quality and low production.

Also Emerna founded another band in "Funeral Doom Metal" style called "1000 Funerals" in summer 2005, but it dissolved too. Other members left the band because someone married and Emerna recorded alone the only full length album with better quality and destroyed everything in spring 2006 with no release. Five years later in winter 2010 Emerna reformed the band again with another guy and this time he released the second full length album but the band dissolved in summer 2011 forever because of moral problems with that fake guy.

Since 2006 until 2009 Emerna recorded twelve professional and high quality albums in his master project "Emerna", but he couldn't reach labels because there's no official metal label for Black Metal release in his extreme islamic country, Iran. And because all of Emerna records in all projects could be found on the web for free download and it's never good way to promote the stuff.

Since July 12, 2011 Emerna side projects, "Avinar", "Shab" and "1000 Funerals" haven't exist anymore and also ex-Emerna discography, split albums, duets and singles have been officially removed in summer 2011, just because of the new beginning in a dark satanic superhighway.

In July 12, 2012 Emerna has been dissolved forever and there is no more way to make any contact with Hamid Avinar Malekzadeh Asl a.k.a. Emerna...

Hamid Avinar Malekzadeh Asl a.k.a. Emerna eternally dedicated his creations to someone that is called "Sire"...