Pryapisme - Biography


Pryapisme is an experimental metal band based in Auvergne, France. Created in 2000 by Nicolas Sénac (Guitar, Synths), Aymeric Thomas (Drums, Machines) and Benjamin Bardiaux (Keyboards), in the medieval center of France, where Caesar was ass-kicked by their glorious ancestors, Pryapisme melts good, bad and ugly vibes, like a glory hole in Varg's cell. Since the first demo in 2005, Pryapisme mixes black metalled strings, Erik Satie-influenced piano parts, electronic mess, jazzy moods and 8-bitcore. The result is a real instrumental mess of textures, contrasted ambiances which composed the soundtrack of a singular auditory trip.
Their first album, Rococo Holocaust was released in 2010, and one track was featured in the second volume of the "Combat Nasal" metal sampler.

In 2011, Nils Cheville (Guitar) and Goulwen Brager (Bass, Sax, Percussion) joined the original lineup in order to play live. In the same time, they prepared their second album, Hyperblast Super Collider, in order to release it in April 2013.