Lumus - Biography




Lumus is a Dark Symphonic Metal band from Portland, OR. Their music is heavy, dramatic, and melodically rich, while also paying great attention to storytelling. While the core of their music is a classical- metal pairing, they also draw frequently from progressive and world music to create their song and story. Their debut album Bacchus Curse shows a seamless blend of orchestral strings, with rich beautiful harmony underscored by heavy aggressive riffing and infectious offbeat rhythms. Classic tales both fantastic and literary are told with top notch musicality and great dramatic flair.

Jon Lumus founded the band in late 2009 out of need to create darker, heavier music that still challenged his classical training and background. He met drummer Joe Spencer, guitarist Dustin Behm, and bassist Sean McLaughlin in quick succession. Their first single 'The Burning Plain' won a director's award at the Nashville International Song & Lyric Writing Competition 2010. Jazz vocalist Charlotte Camp completes their current lineup.