Gaza - Biography


Gaza is an American grindcore band from Salt Lake City, Utah. Formed in 2004, they are currently signed to Black Market Activities and have released one EP and three full-length albums. They are known for their complex and heavy sound, as well as their outspoken anti-religious and political views. The project started out intending to be an indie band but, according to then-bassist Jon Parkin, that "lasted about half a practice." Gaza's original lineup consisted of Casey Hansen on drums, Jon Parkin on bass, and Michael Mason and Luke Sorenson on guitars. With this lineup they played their first two shows with different vocalists, first with Dustin Dransfield and then with Dreu Hudson. After their departure, Jon Parkin switched to lead vocals, and bass player Chris Clement was added. With this lineup, the band recorded their debut EP East in 2004, which was distributed by Exigent Records. In 2006, the band signed to label Black Market Activities, on which they have released I Don't Care Where I Go When I Die, He Is Never Coming Back, and No Absolutes In Human Suffering. After the release of He Is Never Coming Back, founding member Luke Sorenson left the band, leaving them as a four-piece.

The band broke up in March 2013.