Hollow Haze - Biography




Hollow Haze formed in 2003 by Nick Savio with the idea to put together a new original "hard & heavy" sound.

After some sessions at Remaster Studio, the soul of the band was strongly outlined and just a fews months later the first outset album Hollow Haze was released. At the end of 2008 the band signed for Crash & Burn Records

The second album The Hanged Man got a great response from magazine and hard and heavy web sites. A great step ahead for the band. With a great production Hollow Haze outlined once and for all their "big heavy dark" sound. The official videoclip of "Coming From Hell" was released on December.

On January 2011 the new album End Of A Dark Era got great feedback from the music business and several shows followed the album release. Thanks to a new management deal with Alpha Omega management on 2012, the band has been on tour with Tarja around Europe. On march 2012 an headliner Israel mini tour get a great response from magazine and web site.

On June another great opportunity - a deal with Bakertem Records for the new album Poison In Black recorded at Remaster Studio. On September the band released the new videoclip "Haunting The Sinner". Hollow Haze offers an hard & heavy Metal mixed with a screaming, warm melodic voice and deep intensive chorus where the listeners can find many different music backgrounds taken from the past metal glories and from the modern rock compositions. Thanks to their passion and hard work the group face every music style and innovations, trying to be competitive in the world-wide stage with their new 4th album Poison In Black.

On February 2013 Fabio Lione joined the band as the new singer. At the same time Hollow Haze announced the collaboration with Nightbreeder and the Wintermoon Orchestra for the new 5th album, recorded at Remaster Studio and mixed by Sascha Paeth at Gate Studios.

On June 2013 the band announced a deal with Scarlet Records for the new album Countdown To Revenge. On July 2014 Hollow Haze announced Fabio LIone is no longer the singer of the band. Mats Leven and Rick Altzi will be the guest singers for the new upcoming album.

(Source: Official website, 23.3.2015)