Possession - Biography


Logo by Chris Moyen


Possession was formed in Belgium during the last months of 2012 with the aim of keeping the flame of the ancient black arts burning. Possession's founding line-up was: Mestema (vocals), V.Viriakh (bass), I.Dveikus (guitars) and Pz.Kpfw (drums).

The band members had been hanging around together for years, so ultimately it was quite natural for them to start playing together as well. During December of 2012 Possession had their first rehearsal session and the band was now running towards their first demo.

Possession's demo, His Best Deceit, was recorded in Enthroned's Phorgath's own studio entitled Blackout Studio. Iron Bonehead Productions released His Best Deceit on tape, and Invictus Productions took care of the demo's CD copies.

Sources: http://www.facebook.com/hisbestdeceit/info & http://cult-toourdarkestpast.blogspot.com.es/2013/12/interview-with-possession_7.html