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Darkness - Biography

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The thrash-metal-command Darkness comes from the "Ruhrgebiet" in Germany, which was one of the most creative areas for thrash metal in the 1980s besides the bay-area around San Francisco.
The band was founded in 1984 and made itself a name with the demo tapes The Evil Curse, Titanic War and Spawn Of The Dark One. In the years 1987 to 1989 three albums were released. The first album Death Squad is regarded as a thrash classic and is known for this still today!

In 1991 the band split up. In 2004 Lacky and Arnd, two of the original members decided to reanimate the thrash-guerilla. In 2005 the albums Death Squad, Defenders Of Justice and Conclusion & Revival were re-released, in addition to that the CD Bocholt Live Squad was published, a live recording from May 17th 1987. The "history-recordings" were completed with the release of a three vinyl box named The Demos in 2008, including the demo tapes, the live recording of the Keep It True Festival gig of 2006 and extensive bonus material.

In the end of 2010 the album Terror 2.0 was published under the label of Darkness, including eleven songs in English and in German language.
Also Death Squad is going to be released on vinyl in July 2013.

Since the gig at the KIT 06 Darkness played on several notable festivals and proofed what the band still stands for: German old-school thrash - brute, fast and tough-minded!

A brand-new album is planned to be released !!!


ed: In 2004 some members of Darkness came together and formed the band Eure Erben. They recorded old Darkness songs in German since singing in German was "in" at that time.