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1989 - Originally called Etsicroxe ("Exorcist" backwards), the group formed at Wallasey in the north of France, and recorded a demo called Haunted (four titles), quickly followed by a splitlive-tape ( with Scrotum) recorded December 9, 1989 at Avesnes-les-Aubert ( Live in Avesnes-les-Aubert ). The line-up consists of group and Ludovic Loez (bass and vocals), Fabrice Loez (guitars) and Thierry Berger (drums).

1990 - Etsicroxe changes its name and becomes Supuration. First "rehearsal tape" ( Official Rehearsal ) quickly exit, followed by a little first MCD, Sultry Obsession , produced with the help of a record store in Lille, Underground records in the studio CMA Valenciennes , under the leadership of Stéphane Buriez ( Loudblast , executive producer) and Bruno Objoie (sound engineer). Two interesting features are worth noting about Sultry Obsession : the first is that the disc has three beaches even though the cover shows four titles, in fact the first two Hypertrophy and Sordid & outrageous emanation , are combined on a single CD track and the second is that the person who made ​​the group photographs for the cover of the album is none other than Laurent Bessault which soon becomes the bassist.

1991 - Supuration, now with Ludovic Loez guitar in addition to singing and Bessault Lawrence on bass, recorded "promotape" ( Promotape '91 ), again in the studio with Bruno CMA Valenciennes Objoie. This "model" is intended to solicit labels. This goal will be largely fulfilled insofar as no less than six labels sign the group on the basis of it. So leave the "singles" (in 45s) Ephemeral Paradise (Regurgitated records), Isolated (Evil Dead productions and Seraphic Decay records and Skin Drill Records, this time as a split EP with Putrid Offal, Another group of Ludovic Loez) The Creeping Unknown (Morbid Records), and finally the "controversial" In remembrance of a coma , better known under the name Live , released in Distorted Harmony Records, label Mexican is a specialty in fact he signed scammed groups (this was the case with Entombed and Carnage, etc.). Thus unlike the arrangements with the group, the label released this 45 rpm under a heading with no related content insofar as these tracks are studio recordings from the promotape ... and the group receives no counterparties provided for the assignment of his rights ...

1992 - The Underground Records store offers Supuration return to studio CMA, accompanied Sepulchral, ​​Krhomadeath, Putrid Offal, Dagon and Nocturnal Fears to record some songs in order to release a compilation of regional groups "promising". Three titles will be recorded and then come out soon after the label (Reincarnate Records) mounted for the occasion by the store. The compilation CD is called Obscurum per obscurius (note the presence of Ludovic Loez the chorus of the title Desire and fright to know of Krhomadeath). In the course of the year, the band recorded their debut album The Cube . This is a concept album narrating the journey of the soul of a person committed suicide in the world of the dead and discover that it can reincarnate, although doubts about the realization of this reincarnation continues to the end of the album.

1993 - The Cube , siglé "Reincarnate Records" was released in co-production with a label Lille, Danceteria. This will be one of the first CD to be sold through "Digipak". Various versions exist through licensing to other labels, this is how the album will also be available in audio cassette and 33 rpm ​​vinyl. The group then began composing and recording (CMA, always) what would become the "max" as follows: Still in the sphere . The title The cleansing successful, for a time, the story began on The Cube . The other titles are two new songs ( Back from the garden and The crack ) version "acoustic" title 4TX.31B and recovery of Tears for Fears Shout . The group was approached by the Spanish label Repulse Records who wants to end a compilation of recordings that preceded that of The Cube . Although being advertised of this agreement, the label never leave this compilation, particularly because of disagreements over the visual CD (Repulse wanted a visual "brutal", Supuration had another vision that will be realized in 9092 ). With its success, the group has a fan club dynamics emerge (500 hand numbered copies) itself this compilation, now titled 9092 and resume full titles of "singles" (hence the promotape '91 ) of Sultry Obsession and Obscurum per obscurius .

1994 - Supuration composed and recorded (CMA again) the soundtrack Jacques the Fatalist drawn from the work of Denis Diderot in which the group will also stage an appearance (one concert was filmed for the occasion). Unfortunately, the film never saw the day. However (after other minor works such as a Live Radio Campus ...) fan club released a part of the soundtrack in the form of a cassette for its members. This will be the last release under the name Supuration (it was thought at the time ...). The group then signed with the label PIAS and recorded the album Anomaly . The compositions are more affordable, less "death metal" style, more focused "gothic metal", also the name Supuration do you glue it over the concept really cold, mechanical and futuristic discussed on this album ... Decision-making is shorten the name to simply "Sup."

1995 - Anomaly fate. The concept (all albums Supuration / SUP are concept albums) recounts the selection of babies at birth organized by those in power on an unknown planet. Due to a bug in the program loaded machines to make this selection, a child escape the massacre.

1996 - SuP toured Europe (February) in the first part of Coroner . In April, the fate max Transfer with several acoustic versions, remixes and demo songs from Anomaly (PIAS).

1997 - SuP signed with the French label Holy Records and from recording his new album, Room 7 , in Belgium . This benefit to remaster The Cube and Still in the sphere . The concept revolves around the relationship parent / child and psychological confinement of autistic children. The concept is based on a course that one member of the group has done in a specialized center. For this album the lyrics are printed in seven languages: English, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, French. Laurent Bessault then left the band and was temporarily replaced by Mike Bracelet then finally, by Frédéric Fievez (Forlorn Emotion, Division Alpha).

1998 - Holy Records reissued The Cube , together with three titles in the sphere Still under the name SuP. Titles are remastered versions dating from the previous year. Version "special" The Crack (in fact preceded by a message from the group of approximately one minute) released on the compilation CD Number # 1 magazine Hard'n'Heavy .

1999 - In May unfolds recording Chronophobia , new album. This is the first time a meaning is given to "SuP" becomes, suddenly, an acronym for "Spherical Unit Provided" (the "Spherical" is a reference to the story developed on The Cube ). The album tells the story of twins separated at birth, one of whom left for the North Pole while the other, trying to find his parents dead at birth, becomes aware of his brother and tries to join. During the recording sessions Chronophobia the album Anomaly and Max Transfer will be remastered. December begins a tour in the first part of Anathema . The same year the double compilation released The Holy Bible 2 & 3 on Holy Records. This compilation includes the first CD, a remastered version of the title Room Seven , and the second, an original title, The Whirling . This is "death metal" style, and it begins to whisper a new album under the name Supuration could be produced ... 1999 will also see the publication, in Holy records always a "tribute" to Paradise Lost ( As we die for ... Paradise Lost ) on which a version of Rotting Misery will be interpreted by SuP. Please note this year: the output twice (unavailable elsewhere) compilations of magazine: More (recovery Sisters of Mercy ) on the build number # 7 of Elegy and Save our souls (reversal of Mötley Crüe ) on compilation of issue # 30 of Hard Rock . Ludovic Loez also appears on French Cancan , album Carnival in Coal on resumption Mama of Genesis .

2000 - In April, SuP rotates with Gloomy Grim and Alpha Division. Have taken place in the meantime new recording sessions during which the group completely réengistrera album Anomaly . Thus, in July, was released on Holy Records, a new version double album, the first CD includes the remastered version of the original album bonus embellished learned Transfer , and the second is the re-recorded version and supplemented (new titles are added to conclude the story). In August, SuP records at Splendid, Lille concert hall, a "live" but in the absence of the public. This album, titled To live alone out both in audio and video (VHS and DVD, making SuP ​​the first metal band to release a French DVD). The CD version will include securities "studio" as a bonus, including a cover of The Cure ( One hundred years ), a cover of Angel ( Mad ) and one of Massive Attack ( Angel ). In the same period recorded a "tribute" to SuP with 32 groups. This triple "tribute" released on the label set up by the group, Orcinus Records . Note that same year, the release of a remix done by Division Alpha SuP on the compilation CD Number # 12 of Elegy .

2002 - SuP composed and recorded in May, the soundtrack of the short film by French director Fabrice Lambot Insanity . Made tracks for the soundtrack, draw a title SuP Insanity Fabrice Lambot realize that the clip from, among others, images of short film. This title will appear on the compilation 4 The Holy Bible , in the same year by Holy Records. In June released the new album, Angelus . Its concept is based on the life after death narrating the fate of a priest who died in his church, the body is taken away by aliens. Narratives of this album are performed by Danny Cavanagh Group Anathema .

2003 - Supuration to "reform", alongside SuP. The album Incubation lot, always with Holy Records. The concept is a prequel to The Cube explains that the hero of The Cube is actually a heroine who, being raped, committed suicide, taking with it the death of her unborn child to terminate psychological pain caused by this aggression and this pregnancy. The last riff of this album is the opening The Cube . Both albums should be completed in 2013, to form a trilogy.

2004 - Holy Records reissued in a remastered version includes a DVD bonus, compilation 9092 .

2005 - Holy Records released a compilation DVD ( The Holy party ) recorded during a concert in Paris bringing together various bands of the label, which include Supuration. SuP new album, Imago out again on Holy Records. It tells the story of a scientist who discovers a new drug, based on a butterfly molecule, allowing the body to regenerate. A force to take the researcher eventually metamorphose into a butterfly. That same year SuP composed and recorded the soundtrack for the second short film by Fabrice Lambot, The Blood of punishment . Note also the appearance of Ludovic Loez Chair orgasmic , as Misanthrope on the compilation Misanthro therapy .

2006 - Metaluna productions fate, DVD, a compilation ( The Blood of punishment ) of the two short films Fabrice Lambot, accompanied clip Insanity SuP of (among others). SuP composed and recorded the soundtrack for the first film by Fabrice Lambot, Dying God .

2007 - Metaluna productions fate, DVD, Dying God . A concert is recorded and released SuP, entitled Traces: part one , too, in Metaluna productions.

2008 - In September SuP released his new album, Hegemony , the concept deals with the cloning hybrid men have created a race of hybrid clones of humans and plants that feed on blood. They are short of food eventually attack humans. The limited edition of the album contains a DVD recorded live in Lille during the tour that followed the release of Imago (2007).

2009 - SuP composed and recorded the soundtrack of the first short film from director Christophe Debacq Lille, Dolorosa to Metaluna productions. Supuration "on his side" made ​​his new album. In September, Ludovic Loez participates in Raismesfest alongside Dylath-Leen surprise as a guest for the 10th anniversary of that other group of Northern France.

2011 - Supuration renvient again to provide a compilation of the first pieces of the group (1989-1990). We find the title "Sultry Obsession", the "Official rehearsal," and even the demo "Haunted" of Etsicroxe and the live tape of Avesnes-les-Aubert.

2013 - The third album of the trilogy Cube "Cu3e" is expected for the beginning of the year. Incubation As the group name Supuration reuse, keeping the logic of albums and gender.