Symphorce - Biography


The band was formed in October 1998 by singer Andy B. Franck. He created the name Symphorce as a play of words, a portmanteau of symphony and force. It was a few months later, in 1999 that they released their first album Truth to Promises on Noise Records. The release had them touring as support act for Mercyful Fate. After this first tour, a big step happened in the history of the band, when Andy had to replace two bandmembers. It was the arrival of guitarist Cedric Dupont and bassist Dennis Wohlbold, that gave the band an entire new sound.

A year later, in 2000, their combined songwritng resulted in the second album Sinctuary. It led to the band being quoted as one of the most promising acts in Germany at the time. Andy began to combine Symphorce with singing in the band Brainstorm at the same time.

Two years later, Cedric Dupont joined the band Freedom Call on top of his part in Symphorce, and two new members have given the band a complete new energy. Sasha Sauer on drums and Markus Pohl on second guitars give the others more breathing space, and in 2002 the new album phorcefulAhead is released, now on Metal Blade, their new label.

In 2005 the guitarist Markus Pohl joined Mystic Prophecy as a full-time member, after previously just been a touring member.

Drummer Sascha Sauer left in 2005. In September 2, 2006, it was announced that a replacement had been found in form of Steffen Theurer.