Dylath-Leen - Biography




Dylath-Leen is this alchemy of styles, vocals, sounds and atmospheres that give it its so particular mark.
In a Death Metal vein tinged with atmospheres and a personal rage, the band draws its originality from the presence of a surprising female singer-guitarist who mixes death, black and clear vocals in a personal and innovative style.

The deep male vocals, the typical bass and drums parts and the guitars both massive and mind-blowing will offer this band a resolutely unique personality on the French metal scene.

Having walked the mythical stages of Hellfest and Metal Female Voices Fest, shared the bill with bands like Vader, Obituary, Holy Moses, Cynic or Aborted, DYLATH-LEEN establishes like a safe bet over the Metal scene and makes a deep impression on the crowd everywhere it plays.

After "Insecure" and "Semeïon", 2 albums singled out by the metal scene, Dylath-Leen prepares for 2010 its third album that will mark a new step in the band's career !!!