Benighted - Biography




- May 1998: Creation of the french band Benighted which is the gathering of members from death and black metal bands like Dishumanized, Darkness Fire and Osgiliath. The members are Julien, Olivier, Liem, Chart and Fred

- May 1998 to 2000: The band works on its first self-produced album and makes some concerts in France to make people discover Benighted. The music is a mix between black and death metal influences. Seven tracks which seem the bests are recorded in june 2000 at Plaza Records Studio next to Lyon. The reviews of this first album are amazing and very positives in the underground press. A lot of associations contact Benighted for concerts in all the country after that.

- January 2001: The label Adipocere Records contacts Benighted for the distribution of this first album and the production of the following releases.

- August 2001: The band comes back to the Plaza to record 11 new tracks for the second album Psychose. The music is more death-influenced. This album sounds more brutal and technical than the precedent. The artwork is made by Jean-Pascal Fournier (Immortal, Impaled Nazarene, Rain, Edguy...). Chart had lots of problems for the recording of the bass parts. As his technical level dont follow the evolution of the band, we choose to separate from him.A tour with Destinity is made before the album was available with Liem playing the bass.

- April 2002: After a lot of problems Psychose is finally available. The returns are very positives again for the band and we make a tour with Carcariass, Furia and Rain organised by Adipocere. We find Remy to play the bass in the band and the tour is made with the entire band.

- December 2002: Benighted begins the work for its third album Insane Cephalic Production always with Adipocere Records. The new tracks are more brutal than anything Benighted did before. But private problems leads Remy to leave the band.

- August 2003: Benighted goes to Germany for the recording of its new album at the Kohlekeller Studio in Seeheim. The production of this album is amazing. Kohle, the man of the studio has done a great work for the band! Mick from Destinity came to sing on the track Puerperal Cannibalism with Julien.

- February 2004: Insane Cephalic Production is available. For the up-coming dates, Bertrand from the band Winds of Torment play the bass and one month later, they finally find the good bassist for Benighted: Eric.

- April 2004: Lots of concerts are planned with bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Fear Factory, Slipknot, Soulfly, Impaled Nazarene, Loudblast, Destinity, Dew-Scented, Graveworm, Inhumate, Dying Fetus, Aborted, Nasum and Benighted plays at great festivals as the Fury Fest or the Nuclear Fest.

- 2005: Benighted is on tour for the promotion of ICP until march when the band begins the work for the fourth album.

- August 2005: Benighted returns to the Kohlekeller studio for the recording of Identisick which should be ready for the end of the year. This album contains 10 songs and a Napalm Death cover: Suffer the children. Kris from Kronos and Leif from Dew-scented appear as guests on the album. The album is very effective with fast and groovy tracks. Its a mix between brutal death metal and some influences as thrash, grind, or hardcore. Its the fourth and best Benighted album.

- February 2005: Fred leaves the band. Benighted welcomes Kikou as their new official drummer.

- 2006: The fourth album Identisick is released on Adipocère Records. This album is also available in Limited Edition, which contains a bonus DVD that features videos of concerts, and recording in the studio.