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01. A Gigantic Bucket of Sperm
02. Pussy Filled With Ketchup
03. Hemmorhoidal Sex
04. Manowar Can Suck My Pathetic Little Cock
05. Whiskey Bottle Penetration
06. You Disgusting Piece of Shit!!!
07. No We're Mainstream Because We Have a Record Deal and We're Not Trying to Copy Anal Cunt's Songtitle
08. Axe Mangled Cranium
09. Squirrel Sodomy
10. Gut You Like a Turkey
11. Sadomasochistic Bondage Are for Weak Pussies
12. Slit Your Throat, Poke Out Your Eyes, Pulverize Your Ass With a Jackhammer & Comb Your Hair
13. The Rotting Dead Gives Head If Your Name Is Ted (Bundy)
14. I Will Kill You Until You Die
15. Nattechrist
16. Come Join the Orgy of Mutilating Pine Coats
17. K.U.K. (Killing Urban Knights)
18. F.I.T.T.A. (Fucked Insanely Through the Anus)
19. My Ass Loves You
20. Stupidity is Rewarded With Anal Sex & Cup Cakes
21. Excrement of a Retarded Girl
22. I Eat Poop for Dinner
23. Old Dried Up Granny Porn
24. Choked by Intestines
25. I Wanna Kill People and Make Love to Them
26. Nattefrost Wrote the Bible
27. Drinking Coca Cola in the Sunshine and Picking Flowers
28. Nasal Ejaculation
29. Crushed Under a 250 Kilo Lardass
30. Devourment Still Ain't Brutal Enough

01. For The Next 35:49 Minutes, You Will Be Musically Raped
02. Rape You With A Spiderman Mask On
03. Rub My Dick In Broken Glass
04. Rapist Of The Year
05. I'm In Every Horror Movie
06. These Warts Don't Co-Operate
07. Ja De Va Jevla [Skrotum Hell Cover]
08. Transexual Tea Party
09. Urin Uniform
10. It's Molesting Time
11. Clitorism Of A Cockroasted Fuckdoll
12. Nattefrost - Founder Of Christianity
13. Carrot Rabbit Dildo Fuck
14. Jesus Was An Angry Duck
15. This Song Was Too Brutal To Be Named
16. Elvis Played Some Brutal Gore Metal Shit!!!
17. Coprophagic Desires
18. Pissing On Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan Remake]
19. Fatal Faeces Fuck
20. Devourment Still Ain't Brutal Enough
21. This Song Was Too Brutal to Be Named [live]
22. Slaughterhouse [Mortician Cover] [live]
23. Transexual Tea Party [live]
24. Pissing On Heaven's Door [Bob Dylan Remake] [live]
25. If You Don't Like Metallica... [live]

01. Shred Until They're Dead
02. Hangover From Hell
03. Whiskey On The Testicles
04. The Toe Nail Twister
05. Penis Penetrated Eye Ball
06. Tales From The Handicap Shithouse
07. Slaughterhouse [Mortician cover] [feat. Alex Roth]
08. 4,873 - 3,594 = 1,279
09. Our Whores Feels More Raped Than Nattefrost's Whores
10. Internal Devastation Of The Cadaverous Wounds In Archaic Cunts To Consume Fecal Liquids
11. Spermdriver
12. Impulse To Disembowel [Six Feet Under cover] [feat. Alex Roth]
13. Someone Stole Our Lyrics
14. Daisy's Song
15. Steaming, Cabbaged & Cunted [feat. Steaming Dave]
16. Cock Injected Heroin Trip
17. Blowtorch Hair Cut
18. Nursultan Tulyakbay
19. Hanger In Her Neck [Jig-Ai cover]
20. Steve Has AIDS
21. The Song Without Any Cymbals
22. What The Hell Is Shagrath's Problem?!
23. Kamikaze Incest [Cock And Ball Torture cover]
24. Unfuck The Raped
25. Hammer Smashed Face (This Is NOT A Cannibal Corpse Cover)
26. Just Eat The Banana And Fuck Off!!!
27. A Stench So Foul It Makes Shit Smell Like Strawberries
28. Genitalia Retardia
29. Stabholes Made For Further Activities
30. Devourment Still Ain't Brutal Enough [feat. Andreas Lundberg]
31. Pussy Filled With Ketchup [remake]
32. Whiskey Bottle Penetration [remake]
33. I Will Kill You Until You Die [remake]
34. Stupidity Is Re-Warded With Anal Sex & Cup Cakes [90 BPM version] [remake]
35. Drinking Coca-Cola In The Sunshine And Picking Flowers [remake]