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Obscura - Cosmogenesis lyrics


01. Anticosmic Overload

Music by Steffen Kummerer, Hannes Grossmann
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
This is the anti, the anticosmic overload
And storms in emulation growl
From land to sea, from sea to land
And fashion as they wildly howl

Though none may hope to fathom thee
Still glorious are thy works of might

A circling wonder working band
Destructive flames in mad career
Precede thy thunders on their way
Yet lord thy messengers revere

In spreading billows foams the ocean
Spheres whirl around in endless motion
And cliff and sea with mighty shock
Still glorious are thy works of might

This is the anti, the anticosmic overload
Revolves the earth in splendour bright
From land to sea, from sea to land
And fashion as they wildly howl

02. Choir Of Spirits

Music by Hannes Grossmann
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
In his blest name, who was his own creation
Who from all time makes his own vocation
The name of him who makes our faith so bright
Love, confidence, activity and might

In that ones name who named through oft he be
Unknown is ever in reality
As far as our ear can reach
Or eyesight dim

Thou findest but the known resembling him
How high soar thy fiery spirit hovers
Its smile and type it straight discovers

Onward, thou art drawn
With feelings light and clear

Where ever thou goest, your mind is the way
No more thou numbrest, reckonest no time
Each step is infinite, each step sublime

Unknown is ever in reality
As far as our ear can reach
Or eyesight dim

03. Universe Momentum

Music by Christian Muenzner
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
On the white summit of eternity
A single Soul bare infinites
Guarded he keeps by a fire-screen of peace
His mystic loneliness of nude ecstasy

But, touched by an immense delight to be
Loos across unending depths and sees
Musing amid the inconsistent silences

At the world's dawn, at the cosmic night

Absorbed in thoughts, abomination
Captured in flesh, celestial mind
Emotional fragments, chamber of nowhere

Waiting and watching for the sign send
As out of the vortex my mind will blend
Caught in the turmoil, spinning around
Reaching for calm, not to be found

04. Incarnated

Music & lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
When the moist and balmy gale
Round the verdant meadow sights,
Odours sweet in misty veil
At the twilight-hour arise
Murmurings soft of calm repose

Rock the heart to child-like rest
And the day's bright portals close
On the eyes with toil oppressed
Night already reigns over all

Strangely star linked to star
Planets, mighty sparkling small
Glitter near and gleam afar
Gleam above in clearer night

Glitter in the glassy sea
Pledging pure and calm delight
Rules the moon in majesty
Now each well known hour is over

Trust the newborn eye of day
Vales grow verdant, hillocks teem
Shady nooks the bushes yield and with waving silvery gleam
Wouldst thou wish for wish obtain

Cast the shell of sleep away
Tarry not, but be thou bold
When the many loiter still
All with ease may be controlled

05. Orbital Elements

Music by Steffen Kummerer, Christian Muenzner, Hannes Grossmann, Jeroen Paul Th

06. Desolate Spheres

Music by Steffen Kummerer, Hannes Grossmann, Christian Muenzner
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
I close my eyes and the sun goes out
Hold a breath and all of the creatures fall dead
Cover my ears and the universe goes silent

Not a water drop
Not a heartbeat
Not a sound from a songbird in any of the 4 corners

I swallow the stars until they burn like coals through my eyes
My outline glows against the night sky like an eclipse of the sun
And sparks follow each of my movements like a shower of meteors

I light up the sky with the Aurora
Comets appear before dawn

He greets us at death in that quiet place that is faint in our memories
That place that has always been there but we can't quite remember

When you cross that bridge to the other world, open the door and step through
Step through the stars, swim through the gate
Touch the very boundaries of the universe

07. Infinite Rotation

Music by Hannes Grossmann
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
Mass, energy, space and time
This is the way the world ends
Chaos of Aeon into the void

Behold the star shining
Bright behind the Universe Gate
Cool waters sifting
Bitter memories away

Whistling golden sand
Comes to rest so bright
In the invisible oasis land
A desert drought so tight

Among the pyramids of Egypt, in a run
The spider weaves a net
False radiance streaming from the sun
Foul richness leaving all to fret

08. Noospheres

Music by Steffen Kummerer, Hannes Grossmann
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
I pass beyond time and life on measureless wings
Yet still am one with born and unborn things

I have wrapped the wide world in my wider self
And time and space my spirit's seeing are
I am the god and demon, ghost and elf
I am the wind's speech and the blazing star

All nature is the nursing of my care
I am its struggle and the eternal rest
The world's joy thrilling runs through me, I bear
The sorrow of millions in my lonely breast

I have learned
A close identity
Yet am by nothing bound
That I become

All culture is like this, the unfettered mind
The boundless spirit is more imagination
To achieve great things, we must be self confined
Mastery is revealed in limitation

Carrying in me
The universe's call
I mount to my
Imperishable home

09. Cosmogenesis

Music by Steffen Kummerer, Hannes Grossmann, Christian Muenzner, Jeroen Paul Th
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
For evermore the sphere of human thoughts
Reunites the abyss, god and light
Silence fill the emptiness of space
Humandkind degrades the human race

In the crawling inner mourning flame,
A reed of thousands souls regret
To form an eternal wave
Meeting of the spirits

That manmade shell of human fragments
Dissected, skinned show a new truth
Existence wraps into cold dimension
Lifeless breath of old revelation.

Bound into a stillborn level, built with any light
Consciousness, to them describe all sin
Consumed by fire, ascending to the night
Six wings on the left, six wings on the right

Cosmogenesis, rotten universe
Cosmogenesis, void dimension
Cosmogenesis, breed of worlds
Cosmogenesis, final black sermon

10. Centric Flow

Music by Hannes Grossmann
Lyrics by Steffen Kummerer
The primal energy infuses everything and nature awakens
Flowers bloom, waterfalls tumble into immense canyons
And the animals evolve as consciousness races back to its source
Shiva reveals his secret to Matseyendra

The secret of the ages, the secret of life
And then turns into a statue of Kayavarohan
Awaiting discovery someday by one who seeks awakening

Awakening happens only in the next world
The next, and the following
But the promise of awakening is here and now
And without the promise, there is only cold and darkness

But Shiva remains hiding just out of sight
He reveals himself last, if ever
For to discover
Shiva is to understand the mystery that has no answer

And the dance goes on even though worlds collide,
The sun burns out and the universe freezes
It just awaits the next step