Throes Of Dawn - The Great Fleet Of Echoes lyrics


01. Entropy

We are waiting for the end
Of this abstract reality
The light no longer
Shines from your eyes
And the words that fall
From your mouth
Slowly evaporate

I'm falling through
I'm falling through my mind
I can hear you call my name
Through my descending dreams

And I recall
A world just like this
Where we lay hiding
Beneath a grey steel sky

Holding the entropy
Of those moments passing away

Now that you have gone
To a world where nothing exists

I hold your image
I hold your image

Silence is the language
You speak to me

02. Ignition Of The Grey Sky

Slow is the murder
Of my soul
Lost in so many
Open in all directions

Please be with me
This dying hour
Inhale my voice
Absorb my life
Before the ignition
Of the grey sky

Clouds like airships
Set in motion
Moving slowly
To unfold

Inhale my voice
Absorb my regrets

As I hand you this darkness
Wrought from the words
Empty of meaning
Screaming with emotion

03. Velvet Chokehold

You may try to follow
You may try to reason me out
You may try to save me
But you can never understand

The way I have burned
The way I have burned
For years
For years

The sound of approaching violence
The pounding hammers of depression
The stifling sense of pressure
Something you can never understand

And love may offer
A brief relief
And light may scatter
The darkest storm
But there's no release
From this velvet chokehold

04. Soft Whispers Of The Chemical Sun

The subtle hum of machines underground
A cosmic journey through the volatile mind
Close your eyes and hear the voice afar
The soft whispers of the chemical sun

A fleet of missiles in the picturesque sky
Your white body lying under the sun
From the open wounds the future runs
Like soft whispers of the chemical sun

From open wounds
Our future runs

You are cold but your eyes still stare
The passing bodies in the river red
We shall wake you when the moment comes
With soft whispers of the chemical sun

From open wounds
Our future runs

05. Chloroform

The closing darkness
A mouthful of your chloroform
Drifting inwards
All features liquefy
The equation
Of all the goodbyes
Will soon
Open for you

I lost the cypher
Into your voided world
Do you still remember
Do you still feel the pain

The unseen hands
Holding our throats
The cold needle pushing
Through the tongue
Above the mute stars
Blazing high and numb
The silent witness
For the amputation
Of dreams

I was lost
Into your voided world
I was lost
Into your chloroform

06. Slow Motion

And life spins in slow motion
Faded pictures of you
Lie scattered
All over the floor
Sedatives and memories
The daylight left behind
Searing into grey opium dreams

I held the moment
The wordless sequence
Saw the death of reason
The endless Spiral down

Years ago
Through our futile juvenile eyes
We watched
As the days caught fire
The constant noise
Of the burning world
Growing ever
Louder and louder

I held the moment
The wordless sequence
Saw the death of reason
The endless Spiral down

There's a place
Where the wounds grow
Beyond the reach of words
Where the dreams lie suspended
In slow motion

Breathing in and out
These pictures come
In violent repetition
Somewhere down
In the immaculate depths

Distorted and false

You come to me
With open arms

07. We Have Ways To Hurt You

Another me
Another you

We wear the best of our masks
In this masquerade
Of the all-lost emotion
Of all decay
We stand apart
Infected by the sick world
In satin longues
In velvet rooms
The symptoms growing worse

Among the empty
Court jesters
Lost kings
This is life
This is life
This is life
We take from you

08. Lethe

You set me free
Flowing through
The Lethean sea

Turning away
All that I've been
A touch of your ultimate void
Burning away
All that I've been

You taste of medicine
And foul rooms
Of the black sleep

Inside your room
It will all be so different

It will soon be over
It will be painless

09. The Great Fleet Of Echoes

When we have used
All of our mistakes
When we have lost
The faith on ourselves

How deep is the darkness
How frail is your mind
Are you far or close
To your dreams?

Watery-eyed and broken
In a life of decay

Do you think you are free?

Living to wither
We cut ourselves
To fit into the world's
Grey machine

Gathering memories
Frail evidence
Falling pieces
Oblique fragments
Traces of a purpose

Our voices echo
The shattered freedom
Do you hear
These words I say

Flying through the mouth
Burning through the head
Set fire into your soul
And never let go

Do you see them
Do you hear them
These words moving
Through the air

Are you far or close
To your deepest dreams?

Do you think you are free?

In a broad formation
Out through the smothered
Hearts of men
Come the great fleet of echoes
In spasms full of life
All shapeless and surreal
Echoes of shattered

The great fleet of echoes

10. Blue Dead Skies

Blue Dead Skies
For me
For you

Is this all there is

All of the courage
All of the will
Opened from the seams
The guilt
The shimmering pain

The fear of future
Endless blue fields
The empty smiles
At the happy ending

A world of colour
A world of hope
An open door
With no way out