Hail Of Bullets - On Divine Winds lyrics


01. The Eve Of Battle


02. Operation Z

From the kuriles
Steaming south
To ride the tiger
Climb the mount
In misty cold
High stake gamble
The crippling blow

Hammering guns
Armour piercing bombs
Aiming at the battleships
Ground facilities
Carriers not at anchorage
Safe on open sea

Screeching dives
Eager bandits
Do or die
Pearl Harbour
Steel downpoor
On Hawaii

Capsized, sunken vessels
Defenceless casualties
Massacred by treason
A date witch will live in infamy

03. The Mukden Incident

Bold expansion
Claiming territory
A rising empire
Colonial policy
An empress dies
Intrigue and occupy
Without warning
Lack of Declarations
As warfare fulfills
Industrial ambitions

Securing reserves
With merciless repressions
Vast raw materials
Obtained by submission
The annexation
Of Korea
Prepare for invasion
Rich Manchuria

Illegal province
Unrecognized by Chang
The Kwantung army
Challenges the Kuomintang

Head for war!

September 19th
Incident at Mukden
Fatal explosion
Sealing world's karma
A war's detonation

Off to war!

04. Strategy Of Attrition

Crossing frontiers
From the peninsula
The horde advancing
Into China
On the rampage
Cabal of generals

Operate without approval
Divisions run amok
Mobilizing border troops
Pilling up their stocks

Conducting manoeuvres
Harsh arrogance
Swallow the giant
With malevolence
Increase aggresion
Sweep into Chapel
Rotation bombings
Burning Shangai

Open game for victors
As they mow civilians down
Public decapitation
But still they did not bow
Imprisonment meant slavery
Mass-rapes day and night
Use of chemical weapons
No surrender insight

Strategy of attrition
Lure intruders far inland
Retreat, harass, attack
Penetrating fragile flanks
Devouring juggernaut
A tactic to repeat
Impossible conquest
Never complete

05. Full Scale War

Multiple offenses
Zenith of tyranny
Global confusion
Sublime strategy

Formidable fighters
Swift rapid movement
Pace of victory
Isolating coastlines
Outflanked enemy
Obtained territory

Combined forces
From Guam to Singapore
Nippon reigns supreme
Full scale war

Hardened soldiers
Morale high
Outclassing Zero's
Mastery of the skies
Majestic navy
Unquestioned prevalence
Scavenging the oceans
None its equivalent

Combined forces
From Guam to Singapore
Nippon reigns supreme
Full scale war

06. Guadalcanal

Code breakers forewarning the movement
Midway the decisive defeat
Inflicting irreparable damage
Ambushing the imperial fleet

Preparing to neutralize the strongpoints
Launching the Pacific campaign
Invade this remote archipelago
Islands of which no-one knew their names

This godforsaken outpost
They must hold at any cost
"Say a prayer for your pal
At Guadalcanal"

Primitive first langings
Ashore the Solomons
The 1st Marine Division
Holding tight their guns
Witnessing how four Destroyers
Sank deep in The Slot
Then; grim realization
That they were left to rot

Night Rat Transportation
The Tokyo Express
Delivering reinforcements
To slay the Leathernecks
Dug in round Henderson Field
On roots they survived
Standing firm on Bloody Nose
Till relief arrived

07. On Coral Shores

Tons of high explosives
Plastering the reefs
Amphitracs approaching
Offloading LST's
Establishing the beachheads
Perimeter secured
Distant laying battleships
Roaring whilst harboured

Barbed wire and minefields
Concrete obstacles
Cautiously proceeding
Behind armoured vehicles
Say farewell to their comrades
Left in blood red waves
A sudden hail of metal
From camouflaged caves

Barrels of all calibres
Decimate the ranks
Concentrated fire
Hidden Ha Go tanks
Airborne hara-kiri
Devastating wings
Naval bombardments
Ever ongoing

Shermans cracking pillboxes
Grinding spider holes
Flamethrowers spewing
Burn nests on these atolls
Corsairs sending rockets
Drive the enemy back
Launch in desperation
Vicious counterattack

Storming on a noxious stew
Of putrefying dead
Fierce hand-to-hand combat
Charge with bayonet

Severed heads, blackened flesh
Blood, bones, filth, and gore
Torn cadavers exposing
The gruesome face of war

Insulate coral shores

08. Unsung Heroes

Catastrophe at Bataan
Finished gallant stand
First encounter made
Those they fought Valiant
With high forced tempo
The infamous death March
Kicking, beatings, stabbings
Merciless guards

Without food or water
Not allowed to rest
Constant molestations
The heat intense
Bewildered men
With loss of thousands
Assembled in camps

Emaciated corpses
Depressed environment
Deteriorating carcasses
Malnutrition ailments
Nightmare of captivity
This condition is Hell
General debilitation
Repulsive smells

Herded into holds
Destination Japan
Space inadequate
Lack of oxygen
Crazed by dehydration
Shivering from cold
Dying of pneumonia
Or US torpedoes

No medication

Day of liberation
Some fortunate survived
Lived to tell their tales
Traumatized for life

No medal or promotion
We must never forget
All those unsung heroes
Forever we're in debt

09. Tokyo Napalm Holocaust

Distant shadows
Altitude low
Sirens warning
For the blow

Formations of superfortresses
Incoming B-29s
Hunters guiding
Silver silhouettes
B-San droning through the night
Delivering obliteration
The end of the empire is nigh
Determined to bring the apocalypse
Unleashing it from darkened skies

Napthenic palmatic acids
Mixed with jellied gasoline
The phenomenon of the firestorm
Exploding incendiaries
Most destructive of all weapons
Vile product of chemistry
Annihilation from the heavens
Damnation falls on the city

Napalm cylinders
Burst into fires
Collapsing buildings
Overcrowded hives
Roasted alive

Immense incandescent vortices
Inferno's ultimate stage
Walls of screaming humanity
Consumed by the whirling rage
Desperate mother's suffocating
Their babies fried on their back
Smouldering rest of existence
Civilians carbonized and black

Two hundred thousand
Burned, charred, and boiled
Deformed carcasses
Twisted and coiled
Into hot soil

Gigantic pyre
Of melted flesh
Reduced to ash

11. Kamikaze

Out of the rising sun
Into their death they fly
Messengers of destruction
Glorious suicide
Sacrificing squadrons
One cannot shoot them all
AA gunners blasting
Deafening fireballs

Following the first wave
The next scourging swarm
Watch the carriers sinking
Hellish blazing storms
Drilling deep in floating steel
Ammo detonators
Annihilate the ennemies
Destroy, retaliate

Forever in remembrance
The honour is to dive
Direction eternity
Eternal afterlife
Fearless goes the samurai
With godspeed from the skies
Servants of the emperor
On divine winds they die

Bound by the oath of Bushido
The blessed warrior's way
Holy end in battle
That long awaited day

Utmost sacred mission
Never to return
Pride vanishes in the flames
As homeland waters burn

12. To Bear The Unbearable

A nation in shambles
The country scarred
Shame and dishonour
Lost their first war

Bitter surrender
Disgraced to bear
The unbearable