Necrophagia - Harvest Ritual Vol 1: Penance lyrics


02. Dead Skin Slave

Descend into our hell
Bewitched and crucified
Seduced by shadows
Lava crowned, necromantic succubi

Spanish zombies feast
Ghoulish eyes invade
We are the beasts within
Rising from the grave
Dead skin slave, dead skin slave
Dead skin slave, dead dead dead

Black Tomie, dripping blood red
Poison the living, consume the dead


We are the rue crew
Addicted to blood
Possessed by gore.

03. Unearthed

I am the one
Rising from the grave
I am the one
A hell born slave
I am the one
Rotting from within
I am the one
Abominated sin (sow of Satan)


I am the one
Encrusted with soil
I am the one
Bound within his grip
I am the one
A crimson seed of pain
I am the one
Born from the Devil's rain (left hand creation)


04. Cadavera X

Calling to me, coming for me
Velvet flesh, howling in lust
Possession, of my soul

Cadavera comes for me

I dream of demons
Broken wings bleed
I dream of demons
And her touch
I dream of demons
Every night
I dream of demons
and demons I fuck!

Burning eyes, eternal pain
Feeding me, feeding desires
Obedience, for my love
Claw my flesh, oh, claw my flesh

I offer my left hand
I swear devotion
By these numbers

05. London 13 Demon Street

Crawl into our dungeon
Beneath the veils of fog
Candles light the way
And Puritan pain is God
London - 13 Demon street
London - 13 Demon street

Seasons of the witch
Upon all Hallow's eve
Raped by the triple silence
Orgasmic funeral screams

London - 13 Demon street
London - 13 Demon street

Be our next victim
Carnal screams of blood
Samhain ignites rituals
Tortured forth by
Satanic sluts
Salvation is at hand
Prepare to be slaved

06. Return To Texas

Return to Texas
The grill is on
Meat hook sharpened
And so is the saw

Morbid fascination
Carved flesh from bone
What we call hell
They call home

Return to Texas

Ghouls by moonlight
(Dead) bodies decorate
Macabre family value
Souvenirs from the grave

Victims slowly killed
Corralled and gathered
A cannibal ritual feast
Consuming human cattle

07. Akumu

I am your nightmare
All that you fear
close your eyes & die for me

08. Stitch Her Further

Fill my soul
With images of hate
Blood upon my hands
Baptize the carcass
She now understands

Sewing the shards of flesh
Velvet suit of skin
I own the shadows
A tailor of the dead

Stitch her further, before I'm caught
Stitch her further, before she rots

Blindfolded eyes
Dripping forbidding tears
Now I'm going to fuck
This cold cadaver bitch

What a life, pills and needles
What a life

She bleeds pure beauty
Lifeless and model size
Poster girl of teenage lust
Pin-up vixen death

09. Excommunicated

Practicing black arts
To lend life beyond the grave
Arcane rituals and sacrifice
Achieving immortality

Templars of the damned
Burned alive
Seeking revenge
Rotting and blind
Templars of the damned
Ride out of the dark
Seeking revenge
Tear out your heart

To rise above the dead
Under the sign of Satan
Eyes creatures feast
On the flesh of innocence

10. Harvest Ritual

Tortured cries of the children
Echo from the grave
Starring from the abyss
Screaming out in pain

Chanting hymns
Of dismal euphoria
Sacred words invoked
Fetal communion
Infant ashes ignite

Harvest ritual

Ceremonial corpse vessel
Mummified womb of Satan
Baptized by the fires of Sodom
Rebirth of paradise

Harvest ritual