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Mortiis - Trivia

Mortiis was credited for a number of remixes, though most are produced solely by Håvard. Most notable for the Alfa Matrix signed bands, Zombie Girl (on the album "Blood Brains and Rock 'n' Roll") and also for another female fronted industrial metal act I:Scintilla who released their album "Optics" on the Belgian industrial label Alfa Matrix holding a bonus disc with a remix by Mortiis beside others by Combichrist, Clan Of Xymox and many more.
For nearly the entirety of the bands existence, frontman Håvard has altered his facial appearance using several alternatives before using a prosthetic mask and ear set. This led to much ridicule and myth, which Mortiis dismissed in disgust. The original mask is based around that of 'Blix' from the movie Legend. The studio who made Mortiis' mask asked for a character reference for the moulding. The mask was always coupled with ears.