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09.05Akercocke - U.K. And Ireland Tour Announced
26.04Akercocke - Working On New Album, New Song Available
14.02Akercocke - Reissue 'The Goat Of Mendes' On Vinyl
01.11Akercocke - Band Members Launch New Black Metal Project
01.03Akercocke - Guitarist Leaves The Band
24.06Akercocke - New Video Online
16.05Akercocke - New Album Leads To Controversy
26.04Akercocke - New Song Online
16.04Akercocke - Announce The Antichrist Code
20.03Akercocke - Details About New Album Revealed
22.01Akercocke - Bassist Leaves, Replacement Announced
24.11Akercocke - New Album In May

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Akercocke - U.K. And Ireland Tour Announced

Now that they are active again, Akercocke are starting to line-up new tour dates. After announcing a festival date, Bloodstock Festival, the extreme metallers have announced a tour in the U.K. and Ireland. After a five year break from the live circuit, the band is charged, primed and ready to unleash their signature metal assault and release the new album, Renaissance In Extremis. Don't miss it!


Source: facebook.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 09.05.2016 by BloodTears | Comments (1)

Akercocke - Working On New Album, New Song Available

It's happening! London progressive/death metal act Akercocke rise from the dead. They broke up in 2012, and after 4 years, they now come back with new music to offer. The group is active again and has launched some official band pages. The other good news is that they are working on their new and sixth album, Renaissance In Extremis, following 2007's Antichrist. You can hear their new song "Inner Sanctum" here.


Source: akercocke.co.uk
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 26.04.2016 by Bad English | Comments (18)

Akercocke - Reissue 'The Goat Of Mendes' On Vinyl

While English progressive death/black metal band Akercocke have been silent for a while now, there is a new reissue available of their milestone 2001 album, The Goat Of Mendes. The record is now available as a 180g double vinyl edition in a gatefold sleeve. You can get your hands on it here.


Source: burningshed.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 14.02.2016 by Bad English | Comments (8)

Akercocke - Band Members Launch New Black Metal Project

Akercocke drummer David Gray has joined forces with other band members Peter Benjamin and Sam Loynes (also of Diminished Fifth) in a new black metal project called Voices.

The band commented: "We recently set foot in studio to record drums for the first full-length Voices release and there is going to be no let-up and we hope to complete the album before the end of the year. Also we shot a music video for a version of one of the tracks featuring on the album and is due for its imminent release."


Source: roadrunnerrecords.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 01.11.2011 by warensemble | Comments (13)

Akercocke - Guitarist Leaves The Band

Guitarist Matt Wilcock (ex-The Berzerker) - who has been putting the "cock" in "Akercocke" for six years - has announced his departure from the band. Here's his farewell speech:

"After 5 years with Ak, and a lot of good times, it's now time for me to move on. Musically, I'm differing a bit with the natural path that Akercocke's taking, so it's best for me to part ways now. Theres no shit between anyone, and I'm thoroughly looking forward to going out with a bang, (or blast) on these last 4 shows Dark Funeral]. Full respect to the guys, especially Jason and Dave. I'll be continuing to work with Dave on The Antichrist Imperium which will be up and running very soon. Also much respect to everyone I've met on the road and at shows etc."


Source: blogs.myspace.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 01.03.2010 by Thryce | Comments (9)

Akercocke - New Video Online

As stated on the official Akercocke MySpace page, the new video for the song 'Axiom' is complete.

You can see it on YouTube at this location. The video was directed by Erica Herbert of HSI and Axiom embodies her dream/nightmare-like style.

'Axiom' is taken from the new Akercocke album 'Antichrist' which was released on the 28th May 2007 via Earache Records.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 24.06.2007 by White Winter Sun | Comments (0)

Akercocke - New Album Leads To Controversy

The forthcoming album from Akercocke, abruptly titled "Antichrist", has run into more controversy. The provocative nature of the record has already led to problems in Ireland, where the band will take part in a live discussion on the 'Nolan Live' show on BBC1 Northern Ireland tonight at 10.45pm with members of the Irish Catholic clergy.

Now the album has run into problems in the US, where the pressing plant handling the production of the album, Disc USA, has refused to handle the record due its 'anti-Christian' perspective. Commenting on the decision, Akercocke frontman Jason Mendonca stated:
"I rather perturbed that in this day and age, the 21st Century, people are so uptight. Whatever happened to freedom of speech and freedom of expression in the alleged democracy of the USA? Censorship is always ugly no matter how you view it. It smacks of fascism to me. What other works of art are barred to the good people of America?


Source: earache.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 16.05.2007 by Thryce | Comments (28)

Akercocke - New Song Online

A brand new track entitled 'Summon The Antichrist' - from Akercocke's forthcoming album "Antichrist", set for release on May 28th via Earache Records - has been made available at this location.


Source: myspace.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 26.04.2007 by Thryce | Comments (7)

Akercocke - Announce The Antichrist Code

To tie in with the release of its forthcoming album "Antichrist" (due on May 28 via Earache), U.K. Death Metal band Akercocke has launched a treasure hunt with a twist — The Antichrist Code. This is a unique digital phenomenon that asks fans to take part in a quest that is both challenging and confounding, with the reward of seeking a unique grand prize.

Avid Akercocke devotees will be guided around the depths of the Internet, through sites such as MySpace and YouTube with their skills of discovery put firmly to the test at every stage. By following clues and unearthing conclusions relating to AKERCOCKE, fans will take part in a rare pursuit that will present them face-to-face with a dazzling and satisfying result.


Source: roadrunnerrecords.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 16.04.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (2)

Akercocke - Details About New Album Revealed

British dark lords Akercocke have set "Antichrist" as the title of their new album, due on May 28 via Earache Records.

Commented the band: "The concept of "Antichrist" is wonderfully rich. It represents a supreme opposite. The epithet of the great antagonist provided a wonderful metaphoric framework within which to work. We have strived to make elements of the recording as evil as possible. Creating atmospheres that are deliberately uncomfortable. Spurred on by a rage enhanced by the complete disgust with our recent history, we didn't have to dig very deeply to find the malice and rancour sufficient to evoke the spirit of violent antithesis. "Antichrist" is the perfect banner for a collection of songs that are tales of opposition, sanguinary lust and the axiom of our raison d'etre."

Source: roadrunnerrecords.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 20.03.2007 by pyroleprechaun | Comments (3)

Akercocke - Bassist Leaves, Replacement Announced

Akercocke's bassist Peter Theobalds has announced his surprise departure from the band on January 18. This sudden news comes just as founding members Jason Mendonca and David Gray celebrate the band's tenth anniversary this year.

Peter has said of his departure:
"It's been possibly the most difficult decision in my life to make but after 10 years of the beast that Akercocke has become, it's time to hit the highway in search of new adventures. My reasons are many and varied but the principal factor has been that the original vibe that drove me to play has gone, the fun, the utter immersion of the music and friendship and the camaraderie has been slowly eroding for me personally over the last year or so.


Source: akercocke.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 22.01.2007 by Thryce (brb) | Comments (1)

Akercocke - New Album In May

Earache Records have issued the following update on UK based progressive blackened death metallers Akercocke:

Akercocke are gearing up for the recording of their fifth album. The suited ones plan to commence recording at their very own Goat of Mendes Studios in December.

Frontman Jason Mendonca describes the new material as "...a logical development from "Words That Go Unspoken". We are continuing to enhance and highlight the dynamics in our music. The contrast between light and shade is stronger in places although in essence, our new work promises to be our most violent. Expect hyperblast speeds that will shame the pretenders. Bludgeoning primitive death grooves, rancorous hate filled black metal and teutonic thrash assaults all seared with swathes of mind shredding electronica and dark, ancient textures."


Source: earache.com
Band profile: Akercocke
Posted: 24.11.2006 by Thryce | Comments (8)