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Northern Kings - Perform Finnish Heavy Metal Medley At The Kulttuuri Gaala

Finnish superstars Northern Kings, consisting some of the most recognisable Finnish vocalists: Marco Hietala (Nightwish, Tarot), Tony Kakko (Sonata Arctica) and Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto (ex-Charon, Dark Sarah), recently performed an all-time greatest Finnish heavy metal song medley in the national prestigious Finnish Vuosisadan Kulttuurigaala event (Culture Gala of the Century, celebrating 100 years of independent Finland), which took place on October 18th, 2017, and was streamed by the Finnish national broadcasting company, YLE. The songs performed were as follows: "Tallulah" (Sonata Arctica), "Colder" (Charon), "Wings Of Darkness" (Tarot), "Towards Dead End" (Children Of Bodom), "Hunting High And Low" (Stratovarius) and "Wish I Had An Angel" (Nightwish). You can watch the performance in full here.


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Northern Darkness Festival - Cancelled

Important information regarding the Northern Darkness Festival. The event, which was scheduled for the 8th of December, 2013 and featured bands like At The Gates, Decapitated, Napalm Death among others, has now been cancelled. Tha main reason lies in very low ticket sales.


Event: Northern Darkness Festival 2013 [CANCELLED]
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Overkill - To Tour Northern Europe In April/May 2013

US thrash veterans Overkill have announced their first Northern Europe run in a long time, also including several dates in Finland where the band hasn't really toured in almost 30 years. The tour is scheduled for April/May next year and all of the dates can be seen below.


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Event: Overkill: Northern Europe Tour 2013
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Norther - Calling It Quits

Finnish extreme power metal act Norther calls it a day and puts down their instruments.


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Nadja - Announce Upcoming Northern Europe Tour

Canadian drone outfit Nadja has announced a full Northern Europe tour in May where they will be supporting their new compilation album entitled Excision, a collection of previously vinyl only tracks, and also the re-issued Thaumogenesis.


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Norther - Entire New Album Streaming Online

Circle Regenerated, the new album from the Finnish extreme power metal band Norther, is now available for streaming in its entirety at Record Shop X. The stream will only be available until April 26th.


More album details were previously reported over here. Specific release dates for Circle Regenerated are as follows:


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Norther - Album Teaser Online

An audio teaser for Circle Regenerated, the upcoming new album of Finnish extreme power metal band Norther, plus a full track called "Break Myself Away", are now available for streaming over at Facebook.

More album details were previously reported over here. Specific release dates for Circle Regenerated are as follows:

13.4.2011: Finland
15.4.2011: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway
18.4.2011: UK, Benelux, France, Greece, Denmark, Portugal, Rest of Europe
19.4.2011: Spain, Italy
20.4.2011: Sweden, Hungary
22.4.2011: Australia, New Zealand
19.4.2011: USA


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Norther - New Album Details

Circle Regenerated, the new album of Finnish extreme power metal band Norther, will be released on April 18th in Europe and March 30th in Japan (with a North American release date still to be announced) through Century Media Records.

The band's sixth studio album was recorded at Astia Studios with producer Anssi Kippo (Children Of Bodom). The artwork was done by Fabio Bonetti, winner of the "Norther album artwork competition".

Circle Regenerated cover art] tracklist:

01. Through It All
02. The Hate I Bear
03. Truth
04. Some Day
05. Break Myself Away
06. Believe
07. Falling
08. We Do Not Care
09. The Last Time
10. Closing In


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Norther - New Single Available For Free Download

"Break Myself Away", the new single from Norther is now available for free download. This is the first official Norther recording with Aleksi on vocals and Daniel on the guitar. You can download the track here.

The band comments: "This release is to all of you fans out there. Although the single is free to download for anyone, you may pay an amount of your selection by donating via PayPal. All the income will be used for the recording costs of the upcoming 6th full length studio album."


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Norther - Add New Member, Working On New Album

Finnish metal band Norther has posted the following update:

"During the last couple of months Daniel from Naildown has been helping us out with our recent live duties. Since he turned out to be a perfect fit in every way we decided to offer him to become a permanent member of the band. Besides his skillfull guitar work he is also a talented songwriter.

Daniel comments: "I have really been enjoying my time in Norther from the very first show. After getting so well along with the guys, I was very pleased when they asked me to become a permanent member of the band. I really believe that together we´re going to create the strongest Norther album ever!"

We have started composing new material for the next full lenght studio album which will be tentatively out in autumn 2010. At the moment we have a big bunch of great tracks from which we will start choosing the best ones for the album.. "The cream always rises to the top so no filler allowed"

As a grand opening for our fans we are heading to Astia Studios next weekend to record one new song with our longtime producer Anssi Kippo. This exclusive song is going to be released as an online single during April 2010.

"So be prepared for new metal blast to come!" the band adds."



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Norther - Announce New Singer, Audio Available

Finnish metal outfit Norther has announced Aleksi Sihvonen (Medicated, ex-Imperanon) as replacement for ex-vocalist Petri Lindroos, who had left the band recently due to his commitments to Ensiferum. Norther states:

"After a hard search for a new vocalist we are honoured to announce Aleksi Sihvonen as our new lead singer. He's a creative and diverse vocalist with loads of experience. He will surely add new input to the band with his talent and variable singing styles, and most importantly: his personality fits to the band perfectly.

Besides this we have recruited, our old friend, Daniel Freyberg Naildown] as live guitarist to complete our team. We also want to thank all of you worldwide who applied for the new vocalist spot!

We hereby welcome our great new guys, Aleksi and Daniel, to the band and we will present you the fresh Norther line-up live soon!"

Aleksi Sihvonen adds:
"Sometimes life can take you to places you wouldn't even imagine going to. So, here I am and I'm very grateful and humbly honoured to be part of the Norther family.

I feel I've met the band I've always wanted to be in. Like every musician I want to make the very effort to improve my skills as much as possible and push myself to the limits and in Norther I feel that I'm able to use my voice as full and diverse as I've always wanted to.
I'm very excited on working on new material, practicing and playing shows everywhere possible!! See you all soon!!"

A version of the song "Frozen Angel" (taken from Norther's current album "N") featuring Aleksi's vocals can be downloaded at this location.


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Norther - Part Ways With Singer

Finnish metal band Norther parts ways with long time singer/guitarist Petri Lindroos. Norther was forced to let Petri go to be able to continue. Petri´s full time engagement in Ensiferum increasingly prevented Norther from functioning as an active band.

Petri wishes Norther all the best for the future. Current Norther crew, Kristian, Jukka, Tuomas and Heikki, wants to thank Petri for all these great years together and wishes him the best of luck with Ensiferum.

Additional information concerning the recruitment of a new singer will be provided soon.


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Demonical - Headlining Northern Death Blow European Tour

The Swedish hellfire horde Demonical will embark on a 17-date European crusade in support of their new grand opus "Hellsworn" (to be released in April through Cyclone Empire). The Finnish death dealers Torture Killer and Swedish destroyers Facebreaker will join the trek making it one of the heaviest tours of 2009. These three acts will show you once and for all why the northern countries are among the top notch of creating brutal and sinister death metal.

Here are the chosen targets for the "Northern Death Blow Tour" (featuring Demonical, Torture Killer, Facebreaker)

15.05 2009 SWE - Stockholm - Kafe 44
16.05 2009 SWE - Köping - Ögir/Eldfesten Festival
17.05 2009 SWE - Gothenburg - Kreta
18.05 2009 SWE - Malmö - Utkanten
19.05 2009 GER - Greifswald - Klex
20.05 2009 GER - Jena - Rosenkeller
21.05 2009 GER - Regensburg - Boilerroom
22.05 2009 GER - Dessau - Legacy Festival
23.05 2009 GER - Stuttgart - Club Zentral
25.05 2009 FRA - Lyon - Lyon's Hall
26.05 2009 ITA - Padova - Country Star
27.05 2009 SL - Ljubljana - Channel Zero
28.05 2009 AUT - Vienna - Escape Metalcorner
29.05 2009 AUT - Marchtrenk - Plant of Rock Festival
30.05 2009 NL - Tilburg - Neurotic Deathfest
31.05 2009 GER - Hamburg - Bambi Galore/Revolt
01.06 2009 GER - Flensburg - Roxy


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Naildown - Norther Drummer Joins The Band

Finnish band Naildown has issued the following update about the addition of a new drummer:

"Naildown welcomes drummer Heikki Saari to the band as a full-time member. The band comments: "We were really impressed by Heikki's skills in live action the first time we shared a stage with Norther back in 2006. And now a couple of years later we are really happy that a skillful drummer like Heikki is joining our line-up."

Saari adds: "When I heard that there was a drummers' seat free in Naildown, I immediately reported in. And later Daniel called me and asked if I could join the band as a full-time member. After hearing the demos of the upcoming album, I couldn't resist it! The songs are killers and they really put the drummer in a sticky situation. That's why I got interested in the first place! I've also been listening to Naildown since "World Domination" and always liked the bands discography in it's full! Also I'd met all the guys before and we got along really well, so there was absolutely no chance that I could say No to Daniel's request.

For me Naildown really is a challenge. I've got all new power for practicing my playing, which I've been doing a lot lately. The next album is also going to be a killer! I can't wait to get to the studio and start banging drumskins like a goddamn animal. I really can't wait for the upcoming shows! This is the beginning of a new era for me and the whole band!"

To answer challenging questions, Heikki will be available for a meet at Finnish Metal Expo 2009, Pearl/Soundstore -stand on Friday 13.2.2009 starting 18:15 cet, and on Saturday 14.2.2009 20:45 cet."


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Norther - North American Release Date

The following message was posted on Norther's official website:

"Norther is taking a leap across the Atlantic Ocean, when the band's fifth full-lengt album "N" hits the stores on 2nd of September 2008 in Canada, aswell as in the US.

Norther's bass player comments: "We are more than thrilled due to the release of "N" in the North American territory! After a long and exciting wait, we are finally getting release dates outside Europe. We will also do a short one week tour in Canada in the end of September, which is really stirring, since is our first trip across the Atlantic!"

In Finland you can still catch up Norther's live condition by attending to show at Tavastia on 14th of August."

Canadian Tour schedule is as follows:

19.09.2008 The Trash Bar/St-Hyacinte Qc - Canada
20.09.2008 Theatre National/Montreal - Canada
21.09.2008 Le Bunker/Chicoutimi - Canada
22.09.2008 L'imperial/Quebeck - Canada
23.09.2008 Mavericks Bar/Ottawa - Canada
24.09.2008 The Embassy/London - Canada
25.09.2008 Wreck Room/Toronto - Canada

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