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09.10Arkona - New Video Online
 Scar Symmetry - New Song And Video Online
08.10Skeletonwitch - New Album Available For Streaming
 Denial Machine - New Songs Online
 Vader - New Video Online
 Pain Of Salvation - Details About Upcoming EP
07.10Coronatus - Line Up Changes And New Album Details
06.10Evile - Tragic Death Of Mike Alexander
05.10Sirenia - Announce Tour Drummer
 Slagmaur - New Song Streaming
04.10Armored Saint - To Enter The Studio
 Sick Of It All - Set To Record New Album
 Excalion - Reveal New Album Title
 Dark Tranquillity - New Live Video, Details For 20 Anniversary Party
 Nightrage - Mexican Tour Dates Announced

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Arkona - New Video Online

Arkona have released a new video for the song "Goi, Rode, Goi!". The track is taken from Arkona's new album "Goi, Rode, Goi!" out on 30 October via Napalm Records.


Band profile: Arkona
Posted: 09.10.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (2)

Scar Symmetry - New Song And Video Online

Original news, posted on 08.09.2009

Swedish metallers Scar Symmetry have posted online a new song, "Noumenon And Phenomenon", on their MySpace page.

"Noumenon And Phenomenon" comes off the band's forthcoming album, "Dark Matter Dimensions", which is scheduled for release on October 2 via Nuclear Blast Records.

"Dark Matter Dimensions" cover art] tracklist:

01. The Iconoclast
02. The Consciousness Eaters
03. Noumenon And Phenomenon
04. Ascension Chamber
05. Mechanical Soul Cybernetics
06. Non-Human Era
07. Dark Matter Dimensions
08. Sculptor Void
09. A Parenthesis In Eternity
10. Frequency-Shifter
11. Radiant Strain
12. Pariah

UPDATE (thanks to 13767)


Band profile: Scar Symmetry
Posted: 09.10.2009 by White Winter Sun | Comments (4)

Skeletonwitch - New Album Available For Streaming

Terrorizer Magazine are streaming Skeletonwitch's new album "Breathing The Fire". The album is available for streaming here. The band's third effort is scheduled for release this October 13th.

"Breathing The Fire" cover art] tracklist:

01. Submit To The Suffering
02. Longing For Damnation
03. Where The Light Has Failed
04. Released From The Catacombs
05. Stand, Fight And Die
06. The Despoiler Of Human Life
07. Crushed Beyond Dust
08. Blinding Black Rage
09. Gorge Upon My Soul
10. Repulsive Salvation
11. Strangled By Unseen Hands
12. And Into The Flame


Band profile: Skeletonwitch
Posted: 08.10.2009 by BudDa | Comments (7)

Denial Machine - New Songs Online

Formed in February of 2009 by former Ditchwater and Ashes From Within members Mark Anderson (guitar) Jaycen Angone (drums) Eamon Skube (vocals) and Mark Cichra (guitar).

In May the band entered Belle City Sound Studio in Racine, WI with Producer Chris Djuricic (Novembers Doom, Dirge Within) to begin recording their debut full length album (bass tracks recorded by the legendary Chicago session player "Sweetiebuns") . The self-titled album is in the final mxing stages and is scheduled for release this December. The
album cover for was revealed in September. Design by Fernando Ruiz with Visual Decay.

In August of this year two songs "This Burden (Tortured)" and "Worms Of The Earth" were made avaiable as a FREE download via the band's offical website.


Posted: 08.10.2009 by Thryce | Comments (1)

Vader - New Video Online

"Never Say My Name," the new video from Polish extreme metallers Vader, can now be viewed on YouTube.

Inspired by Patrick Graham's bestselling book "L'Evangile Selon Satan" (translation: "The Gospel According to Satan"), the clip tells an alternate story of the death of a messiah who curses humanity before his death on the cross and chooses life in Hell instead of Heaven. Perhaps because of its "controversial" title and content, this book is not available in the U.S. in English, but a French version can be ordered from Canada.

Commented Vader guitarist/vocalist Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek: "We started the video shoot on August 15, at about noon. That day we were in the Last Supper and the slaughter of the Messiah's followers scenes, while during the night we were to take some bluebox and Janus shots. The same day in Wroclaw, the masses came to see a light-and-water show taking place just 200 meters from the place of our shooting the 'Bible scenes.' Lots of people were wondering, 'What's being shot here? A new TV series? The Bible stories? Or maybe a Discovery program?' Despite 12 hours of hard work and constant stage make-up changes, we managed to finish before 1 a.m. We went through it without a bloodshed well, despite the Last Supper scene... but the blood was a fake.


Band profile: Vader
Posted: 08.10.2009 by Thryce | Comments (6)

Pain Of Salvation - Details About Upcoming EP

The following is a news post from Pain Of Salvation regarding their upcoming EP:

"Guess we can't tease you any further; meet the tracklist of the Linoleum EP:

1. Linoleum
2. Mortar Grind
3. If You Wait
4. Gone
5. Bonus Track B
6. Yellow Raven

So, it was with huge smiles we noted that of all the 186 (so far) thoughts on the news post "New EP in November", where this little contest was originally suggested, the absolutely first one suggests Yellow Raven! So, the winner is herc, who has been notified by e-mail. Congratulations!

Hey, this was fun - we need to arrange more contests in the future!

PS: Don't miss the Linoleum release party at The Cave, Stockholm, Nov 14th!"


Band profile: Pain Of Salvation
Posted: 08.10.2009 by Ulv | Comments (8)

Coronatus - Line Up Changes And New Album Details

It seems that Coronatus has been busy in the last few months. First of all the band posted a message announcing their new album title and release date. The brand new album will be called Fabula Magna and it will be released on 18th December 2009, again through Massacre Records.

In further Coronatus news, Todd Goldfinger from New York has now entered the band as the new bassist. He has replaced previous bassist Chriz Di'Anno who separated from the band earlier this year. Aria Keramati Noori from Iran (who is only 17 years old) has completed the new line-up as second guitar player. Previously Coronatus was operating with a single guitarist. Both musicians can be heard on the upcoming Fabula Magna album.


Band profile: Coronatus
Posted: 07.10.2009 by Sostoa | Comments (4)

Evile - Tragic Death Of Mike Alexander

Sadly, just a few days into their European tour with Amon Amarth, Evile's Mike Alexander was suddenly taken ill and rushed to hospital, but tragically passed away in Lulea, Sweden.

Evile members Matt Drake, Ol Drake and Ben Carter have released the following statement:

"This is so hard to find the words to express fully how we feel. We can't believe or accept what's happened. One minute we're talking to our buddy, Mike, the next minute we can never speak to him again.

There's so many things rushing through our heads that we want to say, do and feel. We half expect him to come round the corner and call us 'dickheads'. We can't get our heads around it.


Band profile: Evile
Posted: 06.10.2009 by Jeff | Comments (62)

Sirenia - Announce Tour Drummer

Sirenia has posted the following news on their MySpace page:

"As Jonathan Perez became a father recently, he has decided to take some time off with his family. So for the Beauty and the Beast tour in November (with Leaves' Eyes, Atrocity, Elis and Stream Of Passion), Roland Navratil from Edenbridge and Dignity will step in as a session drummer. It is not the first time we work with Roland, as he also replaced Jonathan on our European tour back in 2004/2005. We are looking forward to work with him again, and we would like to wish Jonathan the best of luck and some great time with his family."


Band profile: Sirenia
Event: Leaves' Eyes: Beauty & The Beast
Posted: 05.10.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (4)

Slagmaur - New Song Streaming

Slagmaur's spokeswoman has sent out the following message:

""Klokker Tramp", a track taken from "Von Rov Shelter", the new album from Black Metallers Slagmaur, is now streaming on the band’s MySpace page at "Von Rov Shelter", which means "Lair of the Beast" in Norwegian, was released this month on Osmose Productions.

The album was composed using much the same techniques as those used by 18th Century composers, but with standard rock instruments mingling with the more classical instrument such as cellos and double basses, which Slagmaur's mastermind, General Gribbsphiiser, learned to play especially for the album. "Von Rov Shelter", was produced by Gribbsphiiser and Snorre W. Ruch of Thorns, and includes lyrics by Thomas B Whitaker, an inmate on Death Row at the Polunsky Unit, in Livingstone, Texas, and guest vocals from Krush and the late Steingrim (Kaosritual, Celestial Bloodshed, Selvhat), who was recently killed in a shooting accident.


Posted: 05.10.2009 by Lucas | Comments (0)

Armored Saint - To Enter The Studio

Armored Saint are set to enter Tranzformer Studios in Burbank, CA to begin recording the band's 6th full-length studio album. Tranzformer Studios is owned by Dave Jerdan (Alice In Chains, Jane's Addiction, etc) who produced Armored Saint's 1991 classic "Symbol of Salvation" and Bryan Carlstrom who handled engineering on the same album. The Saint will be working with Bryan Carlstrom who will once again handle engineering duties with the bands very own Joey Vera producing, and both Joey and Bryan mixing the record. A partial song list for the upcoming album, which is expected to hit streets in the spring 2010 is: "Black Feet", "Chilled", "Loose Cannon", "Blues", "La Raza", "Head On", "Get off the Fence", "Left Hook From Right Field".


Band profile: Armored Saint
Posted: 04.10.2009 by Thryce | Comments (0)

Sick Of It All - Set To Record New Album

Sick Of It All will enter the studio in early-November to begin recording their next full-length. The band has written sixteen songs thus far, though not all of the tracks will appear on the album. New song titles include "Dominated," "A Month of Sundays," "Hope and Fear," "Bent Out of Shape," and "Dirty Money." A spring-2010 release is expected via an unannounced label (the group is in the process of finalizing a deal).

Posted: 04.10.2009 by Thryce | Comments (3)

Excalion - Reveal New Album Title

Henri Pirkkalainen, drummer of Excalion, has revealed the title of the new album: "High Time".

"The news that many people have been asking about is here. The title for the third Excalion album is "High Time". It will be released by Limb music in early 2010. More accurate day will be announced as the album is ready. The mixing of the album started today at studio Watercastle, Jyväskylä. The artwork is being finalized aswell. The band is feeling extremely strong and can't wait to get the album released."

Band profile: Excalion
Posted: 04.10.2009 by Escapist | Comments (3)

Dark Tranquillity - New Live Video, Details For 20 Anniversary Party

The pioneers of the "Gothenburg Sound" have posted the "Final Resistance" live video from the upcoming "Where Death Is Most Alive" DVD online.

The show was recorded last year at the Rolling Stone Club in Milan, Italy. Disc 1 of the DVD contains 20 tracks Live In Milan and disc 2 offers the "Out Of Nothing" Dark Tranquillity documentary, another 21 rare live videos and all promo videos. Here's the link to the DVD trailer.

Furthermore Dark Tranquillity are proud to announce a special 20 Years party in their hometown Gothenburg. Mikael Stanne commented: "The day is drawing near. The day when we celebrate our 20th anniversary by releasing this DVD that we've been working our asses off on. The result is something that we feel is pretty spectacular and we felt like sharing it with some our friends and fans. So we figured what better way to do so than to have a special screening right here in Gothenburg. Right in the heart of the city in one of our most classic movie theaters.


Band profile: Dark Tranquillity
Event: Dark Tranquillity: 20 Anniversary Party
Posted: 04.10.2009 by Bad English | Comments (3)

Nightrage - Mexican Tour Dates Announced

Nightrage have announced, they now have added an additional eight shows to the Mexican tour in February-March 2010. Some of these dates and venues are tentative, so check back with regularly to get the latest updates.

Here are all Nightrage Mexican tour dates:

Feb 27 2010 - Mexico City - Hard Rock Live (Extreme Sound Festival)
Feb 28 2010 - Cuernavaca - Foro de PIT
Mar 05 2010 - Guadalajara - Auditorio FEU
Mar 06 2010 - Torreon - TBA
Mar 07 2010 - Durango - TBA
Mar 12 2010 - Ciudad Obregón - Salon Chaparral
Mar 13 2010 - Hermosillo - TBA
Mar 14 2010 - TBA - TBA


Band profile: Nightrage
Posted: 04.10.2009 by Abattoir | Comments (0)

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