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Masterplan - Releases New Album In January

Masterplan, the new band featuring ex-Helloween guitarist Roland Grapow, ex-Helloween drummer Uli Kusch and former Yngwie Malmsteen/Ark singer Jorn Lande, have set "Aeronautics" as the title of their sophomore full-length album, due on January 24, 2005 via Germany's AFM Records. A four-song EP, containing two non-album cuts plus a multimedia section, will precede the album on November 29. The songs included on the EP are as follows: "Back For My Life" (single and album version), "Crimson Rider", "Killing in Time" (two different versions, non-album cut) and "Love Is a Rock" (non-album cut).

The material was produced by Andy Sneap (Machine head, Exodus, Skinlab, Nevermore) and was mixed by Mikko Karmila. Mastering duties were handled by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios.

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Primordial - Update From The Studio

"Part 5: From the day I left off till now...
3 days left of mixing

You would think the amount of time I spend skiving off in the studio that I would find the time to continue the diary I started back when we came in. What can I say, I'm like a kid with a shiny toy. quickly bored of it all and waiting for the next brightly coloured impulse purchase to attract my attention.
Well what can I say again, everything's done, we are mixing right now. or rather Billy is flinging himself headlong into the mix and we attempt to go home early and skive off to varying degrees.

It sounds massive, really heavy, dark and so tragic that I cant think of anything to compare it to. we trusted in the songs and right now I am pleased to say we are slowly being rewarded.
Well hey, that's just me
Perhaps its our cold lake, right ?.

So the cover and the pictures for it are starting to take shape and master Paul mccarroll from unhinged art and scald is going to be executing these ideas pretty soon. keeping it in the family bro'...
The DVD looms nearer and nearer and we have ten hours of footage shot to sift through as well.

Slowly but surely the wheels are turning and the gathering wilderness is complete.

more soon"

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Crimson Moonlight - Info On New Album

In an statement made in their website the band talks about the new album:

"Hails and greetings metal heads….

We hope that you all are doing well and that you're hungry for some NEWS from us in Crimson Mooonlight. 040811 we entered the studio "Big barabom" outside Skara here in Sweden to record our new fullength album. We all had a great time there and we are very glad for the great opportunity to work with Thomas Johansson again and this time, also in a professional studio. The recording session turned out very well and we even had one day more off before we began to mix the songs. So all long traveling and hard work in the rehearsal place had made result. 040823 we started the mixing session and in the end of the same week Thomas mastered the new songs. And then all the music for the new CD were completed. We would like to say thanks a lot to all of you who have supported us in prayers and other kind of ways, we are really happy for it and we have felt that God has blessed us during the work with this songs.

The new album - "Veil of Remembrance" will contain 9 songs of uncompromising, furious blast attack - extremly fast and grinding blackmetal mixed with the heaviest elements of death and thrashmetal. Apart from the brutal speed the new CD are more guitar/riff-based and also more technical compared to our prevoius release. We have keeped the atmosphere of scancinavian melodies but skipped all the keyboards, since we realized that the production turned in to a more raw and hard sound without the keys. The vocals on this new album are more aggressive and a lot more intensive than before. Lyrically "Veil of Remembrance" is a very dark story: a lot about grief, pain and reflections of life, but also through all this chaos about a light that never fades away. All things that are written in the lyrics is "real-life experiences" in poetic form. Prepare for a pure brutal blackmetal holocaust…. This is the sound track of the great Armargeddon entitled:
"Veil of Remembrance"

Crimson Moonlight would also like to take the opportunity to thank Hubertus och Erik for their time in the band. Erik moved recently back to his home in southern Sweden and Hubertus wants to take more time for his own musical career and for his planed studies abroad. Both of them have brought a lot of good ideas, riffs and inspiration to the band. May the Lord bless you both.

"Veil of Remembrance" will hopefully be released in January 2005, but at last in March 2005. We´re sorry about the long delay with the release but it all depends on some abroad distribution contract. More info about the release date will appear on our homepage: or our record company´s homepage: as soon as we know more about it !!"


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The 3rd And The Mortal - New Year, New Release

"Another Year, another album. January next year 'Mortal will release the new album 'Project Bluebook'. The album will feature two new studiotracks and another new song performed live as well as four very different live versions of 'Mortal classics. Look for two new samples in the audio / video page."

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Hateframe- Former TO/DIE/FOR Members New Band

HATEFRAME, the new Finnish thrash metal band featuring drummer Tommi Lillman (ex-TO/DIE/FOR, Sinergy) and guitarist Joonas "Jope" Koto (Malpractice, ex-TO/DIE/FOR), have completed work on their debut album, "Sign of Demise", due before the end of the year.

The group, whose sound is being described as "old-school thrash" in the vein of SLAYER, KREATOR and THE HAUNTED, have posted several audio samples from the CD in their site

"Sign of Demise" track listing:

01. Crowned In Blood
02. Final Solution
03. Feeding the Flame
04. Sign of Demise
05. The Perfect Hate
06. Bloodfeast
07. Torment the Masses
08. Warfare
09. Hallucinate
10. Infection

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Iron Maiden - Added 2nd Concert In Helsinki

Iron Maiden's July 6, 2005 concert at the 12,000-capacity Hartwall Arena in Helsinki, Finland sold out within 30 minutes of tickets going on sale this morning (Nov. 1). As a result of the overwhelming demand, the band have added a second show in Helsinki on July 7, 2005. Tickets for the second concert will go on sale tomorrow morning (Nov. 2) at 9:00 a.m. As previously reported, the band's massive show in Gothenburg's Ullevi Stadium on July 9 sold out in just two and a half hours. All 51,000 tickets were snapped up by Scandinavian fans, excited at the thought of seeing one of the world's greatest rock bands revisit their past.

Incidentally, if people are wondering why MAIDEN are not playing Helsinki's Olympic Stadium (which can accommodate over 50,000 people), the explanation is simple: The stadium will be the site of next summer's world championships in athletics and it will not be used to stage rock concerts.

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Agnostic Front - To Shoot The First DVD

Agnostic Front will be shooting their first DVD ever in NYC at the legendary CBGB's club on November 7th. The band will be performing two shows with two different sets, starting at 3pm and 5pm for only $5 per show. There will be no openers being it is a live recording. All fans are asked to come on down and be part of NYHC history!

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Candlemass - Releases The Best Of CD Nov 17th

GMR Music has set a November 17 release date for CANDLEMASS' "Essential Doom" CD, a collection of the group's best material plus their newly recorded and previously unreleased song "Witches". The album will come with a bonus DVD featuring video footage of the band's performance at the Rock Hard Festival in Germany in 2003.

"Witches" one of two songs laid down during a quick demo session in August 2003 (the other being "Born In A Tank") was " in true CANDLEMASS style," according to mainman Leif Edling, featuring "both heavy and hard passages, lots of negative riffing, melody and slow doomy choruses."

"Essential Doom" track listing:

Disc 1:

01. Solitude
02. Crystal Ball
03. A Sorcerers Pledge
04. Gothic Stone
05. The Well of Souls
06. Bewitched
07. At the Gallows End
08. Samarithan
09. Mirror Mirror
10. Ancient Dreams
11. The Prophecy
12. Dark Reflections
13. Into the Unfathomed Tower
14. Witches

Disc 2: DVD / Live from the 2003 Rock Hard Festival

01. The Well of Souls
02. Dark Are the Veils of Death
03. Mirror Mirror
04. A Sorcerers Pledge
05. At the Gallows End


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Finnish Metal Expo - The first "Metal Meeting"


Finnish Metal Expo gathers consumers, musicians and businesses under the same roof- Hilselinko seeks for the most interesting new metal talent in Finland- International Metal Meeting is a professional event for the industry

About Finnish Metal Expo

Metal is currently perhaps the fastest growing style of music and Finland one its leading countries. Metal is also a relatively young genre, which is just starting to find its shape and mold. This genre works with different principles, rules and methods than other, more conventional or mainstream genres. What makes metal unique and special, are the relationships between the artists, record labels and fans. The fanbase of no other genre consists of as many musicians and no other fans are as loyal when it comes to buying records and tickets for live shows. Metalheads appreciate what they are offered, so it is very rewarding to offer. The metal scene functions on its own.

This thriving and constantly growing scene is a very significant part of today's music industry but where does metal fit in to this industry? What can ordinary music exibitions and tradeshows offer to the metal industry and fans? The consensus seems to be, nothing. There, however, seems to be need for a uniting event, one that is done on metal's terms. Thus the idea for Finnish Metal Expo. Tradeshows within a genre such as this are not that common. In fact, not common at all. But then again, this is not the first time when metalheads already do something that others only think about while having their morning latte.

The first annual Finnish Metal Expo takes place at Kaapelitehdas, in Helsinki on the 28th and 29th of January 2005. Finnish Metal Expo, FME for short, gives the opportunity for businesses working within metal music to display their products and expertise, make new contacts, check out new talents and most important of all, get fresh impressions and ideas.

For the fan, FME gives an excellent chance to get an overview of the Finnish metal industry. One can hear the record labels' latest releases, see the hottest up-and-coming bands perform live, witness the latest technology from equipment manufacturers, get inspired by instrument clinics, see up-to-date merchandise, or perhaps get that crucial realization of what it takes to lift your own band to that "next level". Or maybe just get a bunch of good records and a t-shirt.

On Saturday the 29th of January, the finals of the demo-band contest Hilselinko take place. Five of the hottest unsigned Finnish metal bands play a 25 minute set each, before a jury that consists of notable professionals in Finnish metal industry. The winner gets to play a set atTuska Open Air Metal Festival 2005, plus assorted goodies, TBA.

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Paragon - Primal Fear's Guitarist On The New Album

PRIMAL FEAR guitarist Tom Naumann has recorded a guitar solo for the track "Impaler" on the upcoming PARAGON album, "Revenge", due in February/March 2005 through Remedy Records.

"Revenge" marks the follow-up to the band's successful album "The Dark Legacy", released by Remedy last year. The new record is being partly recorded at Karo studios with the help of an engineer, and the rest of the recording process and mixing will be done at Piet Sielck's (IRON SAVIOR) new Powerhouse Studios. The artwork for the record will once again be done by Dirk Illing of XMD.

"Revenge" tentative track listing:

01. Revenge
02. Traitor
03. Master of the Seas
04. Art of War
05. Beyond the Veil
06. Impaler
07. Assassins
08. Battle Rages On

Commented PARAGON bassist Jan Bünning: "There will at last be two additional tracks (a ballad and a more melodic song) which have no titles yet and maybe a cover version which we already recorded for a tribute compilation but which was not used because the compilation was not released. There will be a DVD as bonus to the first pressing which will include a liveshow of our Wacken and/or Sweden Rock performance."

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Dissection - New Line-up Announced

Reactivated Swedish death metallers DISSECTION have revealed their new lineup on the eve of their headlining performance in Stockholm on Saturday (Oct. 30). Joining mainman Jon Nödtveidt (vocals and guitar) in the new formation are Set Teitan (guitar, ABORYM, BLOODLINE), Brice Leclercq (bass guitar, NIGHTRAGE) and Thomas Asklund (drums, INFERNAL, DAWN, DARK FUNERAL). View photos of the new lineup:

As previously reported, an audio sample of the new DISSECTION single, "Maha Kali", has been posted online at this location:

"Maha Kali" (view cover here:, described by the reactivated Swedish death metallers as "a hymn to the wrathful black hindu goddess of Mahapralaya, the great dissolution of cosmos, Jai Maha Kali," will initially only be available directly from DISSECTION via their official web site and on tour.

DISSECTION recently spent time in the studio working on their first studio recording since 1995's classic album "Storm Of The Light's Bane".

DISSECTION guitarist/vocalist Jon Nödtvedt was released from prison several months ago after spending seven years behind the bars for murdering an Algerian homosexual. A short-lived collaboration with former EMPEROR drummer Bård "Faust" Eithun ended in December over "the demands of DISSECTION's Satanic concept." A documentary DVD and a new studio album are expected sometime in 2005.

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Thy Majestie - Re-Sign With Scarlet And New CD

Epic-Power metallers Thy Majestie are workin' on their 3rd album that will be released by Scarlet in March 2005.

After one year of negotiations with many European labels the band decided to sign again with Scarlet and it's s already in the studio for the recording sessions. Drums, bass and some guitar stuff are finished.

The album, not titled yet, will be mastered by Goran Finnberg at Mastering Room (Sweden). Also this time, behind the lyrics there will be a concept: Joan of Arc and the liberation of France against the english oppression. Be ready for another amazing 'Historical-Epic-Power Metal' album!

These are some titles: 1. Maiden Of Steel 2. The Chosen 3. Ride to Chinon 4. ...for Orleans 5. Up to the Battle! 6. The Rise of a King 7. Siege of Paris 8. Time to die 9. The Trial
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Tiamat - Polish Gig Filmed For Upcoming DVD

Tiamat's upcoming live appearance in Krakow, Poland on January 13, 2005 will be filmed for an upcoming DVD.

Tiamat will be joined by Theatre Of Tragedy, Pain and Sirenia for a two-week European tour, starting in late December.

Tiamat's Johan Edlund had the following to say about the upcoming trek:"I'm sorry that we didn't tour earlier to the release of the 'Prey' album last year. But I would like to thank everybody who showed up at the summer festivals we did. Finally we are going on tour with Theatre Of Tragedy, Pain and Sirenia. All bands are good friends of us, so feel welcome to join our family. You can expect a fine selection of old and new songs and even some tracks we never played live before."

Check Tiamat's official site:

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Vanishing Point - Embrace The Silence Tracklist

Vanishing Point has announced on their website the new album's Tracklist:

01. Hollow
02. My Virtue
03. If Only I
04. Live 2 Live
05. Embraced
06. Season of Sundays
07. Once A Believer
08. Reason
09. Breathe
10. Somebody Save Me
11. Inside Yourself
12. A Life Less
13. As I Reflect

Total Album Length 1:19:26

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Shadows Fall - Vocalist Diagnosed With Laryngitis

Shadows Fall lead singer Brian Fair was recently diagnosed with not only strep throat, but also laryngitis. However, he refuses to cancel any performances because of it. Fair states, "I have never cancelled a show due to poor health and don't plan on it now. The support of our fans means the world to us and I would never do anything to let them down. Besides, if Curt Shilling can lead the Red Sox to a World Series victory with a sewn up ankle then I can tough it out and bring the metal."

Shadows Fall massive co-headlining U.S. tour alongside Damageplan and The Haunted kicked off earlier this week.

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