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08.07Rebellion - New EP To Be Released
 Melvins - Entire New Album Streaming Online
07.07Gaia Epicus - Cover Art And Studio Video Online
25.06Arkona - New Video Online
 The Berzerker - More Material Online
20.06Misery Index - Album Finished, US Tour And Switzerland Fest Confirmed
19.06Benediction - Back Catalogue To Be Re-released
18.06Cattle Decapitation - Start Working On New Album
15.06Enthrallment - Recording New Album
13.06Shining - New Album Artwork And Tracklist
 Lord Belial - New Song Streaming Online, Tour Dates
12.06The Berzerker - New Album Details, Tour Dates
 Keep Of Kalessin - New Video Online
26.05Black Sabbath - New Box Set Details
22.05Forbidden - Tour Drummer Announced

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Rebellion - New EP To Be Released

Massacre Records have announced that Power metallers Rebellion plan to release a yet-untitled EP on October 24th of this year. Their next full-length spinner (the third part of their "History of the Vikings") is set for a January 9, 2009 release.

Band profile: Rebellion
Posted: 08.07.2008 by Ether | Comments (1)

Melvins - Entire New Album Streaming Online

The Melvins released "Nude With Boots" on Monday 8th cover art] and you can stream the entire album at's website.

In other news, The Melvins and Mike Patton will collaborate for The Nightmare Before Christmas party series in London this December.


Band profile: Melvins
Posted: 08.07.2008 by Ether | Comments (2)

Gaia Epicus - Cover Art And Studio Video Online

Norwegian Power metallers Gaia Epicus have been generous enough to post a video of studio footage "from the recordings of the new album "Damnation" cover art], which is due out sometime this fall."
More info on the new album here.

The video is also available on their official website and their MySpace page.


Band profile: Gaia Epicus
Posted: 07.07.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

Arkona - New Video Online

Russian pagan folkers Arkona has posted a video for the song "Pokrovy Nebesnogo Starca" which comes off their new album, "Ot Serdca K Nebu". The fourth studio effort will be released through Napalm Records on the following dates:

02/07 - FIN
04/07 - GAS, Benelux, FRA, ITA, SWE
07/07 - Rest of Europe
29/07 - USA / CAN

More info available as always from the band's official MySpace page.


Band profile: Arkona
Posted: 25.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (8)

The Berzerker - More Material Online

Aussie's Melbourne brutal grinders The Berzerker have posted a new song, pre-production for our feedback, as well as footage of Todd Hansen's manic drum rehearsal. The UK tour dates flyer is also included:

"Hello all, We have added a brand new song Spare Parts (unmastered) to our page. Let us know what you think. "Spare Parts" has been taken from our upcoming album "The Reawakening" Available 1st Sept - Pre Order now.

We hope you enjoy it, you'll be able to check it out live on the UK tour."

Todd Hansen's drum rehearsal is online here.


Band profile: The Berzerker
Posted: 25.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

Misery Index - Album Finished, US Tour And Switzerland Fest Confirmed

Baltimore's grinders Misery Index posted the following exciting updates on Wednesday June 18:

"Relapse Contamination Tour this July/August - album done and on the way for September 30 release date - Exclusive Euro Show At Switzerland's Mountains Of Death Fest In August

...So while you are sweating away this summer, spending half your paycheck on gas, and find yourself in the trajectory of this US tour, why not come out and see some metal? Yes we are gonna do a summer tour with the Relapse brotherhood, so come on out, and hear some of the new songs from the forthcoming album "Chinese Democra..." no, oops I mean "Traitors"...which by the way, came out pretty smashing, we are in post-production now, more news on that soon. Apologies to those not in the West/Midwest, where most of the dates for the tour are, we will be back in your area as soon as the new album is out and we are touring for it full time...also, just confirmed an exclusive summer Euro headlining show at the Mountains Of Death Fest Switzerland come on out!"


Band profile: Misery Index
Posted: 20.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (2)

Benediction - Back Catalogue To Be Re-released

Birmingham, UK's 'music killing, metal riffing, punk rocking, beer drinking hell-raisers' Benediction have issued the following update:

"Right then, our label Nuclear Blast will be re-releasing our album back catalogue this summer. The better news is that it will be two albums in one package on the three releases: Subconscious Terror / The Grand Leveller, Transcend The Rubicon / The Dreams You Dread, Grind Bastard / Organized Chaos. All three releases will come in nice new packaging. The release date for all the double album releases will be August 8th.

For more information about these releases and where to buy them, click here.

As previously announced, Benediction's seventh brand new long-player Killing Music, will be released August 22nd. As well as the normal single CD release, there will be a limited edition digi CD with two bonus tracks and a 'warts and all' DVD of our time in the studio including footage of Karl from Bolt Thrower and Jock from GBH laying down their stuff on the cover songs on the album, a lot of fun! These extras will only be available on the special edition release."


Band profile: Benediction
Posted: 19.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

Cattle Decapitation - Start Working On New Album

Metal Blade's gore-grinders Cattle Decapitation will now commence writing their next album due in late August 2008. This will be the first recording with new drummer David Mcgraw (ex-Sleep Terror) who joined Cattle Decapitation in Fall of 2007. The studio effort will be produced by Billy Anderson (Melvins), with drums to be engineered by Zach Ohren (Animosity). Meanwhile, artwork will once again be provided by Wes Benscoter (Slayer).

"We're taking a short break from writing our next album to come out and adorn California in Gore!!! A couple notable shows are gonna be our first show in Years at the old Covered Wagon building, now called Annie's Social Club in San Francisco with our buddy Pete Ponitkoff's(singer of Benumb) band Agenda of Swine, our long awaited return to the Boardwalk in Orangevale - we regrettably missed the last show due to Travis being temporarily hospitalized for a panic attack - We Will Make It This Time!, and the big show at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA with friends Phobia, Skarp, The Funeral Pyre, Watch Me Burn & many more!!!


Band profile: Cattle Decapitation
Posted: 18.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (9)

Enthrallment - Recording New Album

Bulgaria's death-grinders Enthrallment have entered Basement Studios, having signed with Slovakia's Metal Age Productions, with producer Emil Marinov (Ablepsia) to record their new full length album, "Immerse Into Bloody Bliss."

The band entered the studio on June 12 and will record until the end of August, coinciding with their live shows at the East Noise Attack festival. The songs will be mastered by Peter Number at Mega Wimp Sound Studio in Germany (Lividity, Sodom, Primordial, Septic Flesh).

Enthrallment will also film a video for one of the tracks, to be announced in the fear future.

Check out some songs, 4 videos and more info at their MySpace page.

Enthrallment will be playing at the East Noise Attack Festival in Varna. Here are the dates:


Band profile: Enthrallment
Posted: 15.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (0)

Shining - New Album Artwork And Tracklist

Kvarforth and company have posted the artwork and tracklisting for their eagerly anticipated sixth release and follow-up to the acclaimed work "V - Halmstad", entitled "VI - Klagopsalmer".

"VI - Klagopsalmer" tracklist:

01. Vilseledda Barnasjälars Hemvist
02. Plågoande O'Helga Plågoande
03. Krossade Drömmar Och Brutna Löften
04. Fullständigt Jävla Död Inuti
05. Ohm - Skoj Att Leva
06. Total Utfrysning

To be released by Osmose Productions in a not too distanced future.

For more info, visit this page


Band profile: Shining
Posted: 13.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (8)

Lord Belial - New Song Streaming Online, Tour Dates

Regain Records has launched a new and dedicated Lord Belial MySpace page featuring a streaming version of one track - "Sworn" from the Swedish black metallers' eighth studio spinner "The Black Curse", which will see a September release. According to their MySpace hype, this will be the album that qualifies them for the Champion's League of Swedish Black Metal.

As has been in metal news, Regain will re-release the old Lord Belial demos this month on one CD called "Ancient Demons". According to a press release, "Ancient Demons" are awesome on their own as something to crank up and revel in the old-school vibe, as well as a document of a watershed era in the history of extreme music, one that has yet to be topped for sheer creativity and boundary destroying."


Band profile: Lord Belial
Posted: 13.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (5)

The Berzerker - New Album Details, Tour Dates

Aussie grinders The Berzerker have announced UK tour dates. Also, they yesterday (June 11) posted some details about their new release - their fifth studio album "The Reawakening" which will not be available in stores. The tour dates are listed on the band's profile, and here's a reminder of them;

UK Tour Dates:

25/06 The Attic - Sawyers Venue - Kettering, Northamptonshire
26/06 Junktion 7 - Nottingham
27/06 TJ's - Newport, Wales
28/06 The White Rabbit - Plymouth
29/06 Ghostfest - Leeds, England
30/06 Ivory Blacks - Glasgow, Scotland
01/07 Queens Hall - Nuneaton
02/07 The Underworld - London
05/07 Groundzero Festival (DJ performance) - Bussloo, Holland
19/07 Folkets Park - Trelleborg, Sweden


Band profile: The Berzerker
Posted: 12.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

Keep Of Kalessin - New Video Online

Keep Of Kalessin's recently shot video for the track "Ascendant" in Gothenburg, Sweden with director Patrick Ullaeus (who has previously worked with such bands as Dimmu Borgir, Sonic Syndicate, and In Flames) is now available for worldwide viewing!

Watch the video at MySpace Metal.

According to the band, it is a "…performance video shot on white screen / green screen" and "…will be one of the 'baddest' metal videos of 2008!"


Band profile: Keep Of Kalessin
Posted: 12.06.2008 by Ether | Comments (6)

Black Sabbath - New Box Set Details has posted the artwork for Black Sabbath's upcoming five-disc boxed set, "The Rules Of Hell".

A press release posts the following:

"Heavy metal pioneers Black Sabbath were reborn in 1980 when founding members Tony Iommi and Terry "Geezer" Butler added vocalist Ronnie James Dio to the lineup. The band's short but memorable time together added an unforgettable chapter in Sabbath's storied history. Rhino relives the demonic fury conjured by the Dio era with "The Rules Of Hell", a boxed set featuring all three of the band's studio releases ("Heaven And Hell", "Mob Rules", "Dehumanizer") and their double live collection ("Live Evil") - each recently remastered for the first time. The set comes packaged in a deluxe slipcase with extensive liner notes featuring all new interviews with the band. This five-disc boxed set will be available from Rhino on July 22 at all physical outlets, as well as, for a suggested list price of $54.98. The set will also be available the same day at all digital outlets for a suggested list price of $24.99.


Band profile: Black Sabbath
Posted: 26.05.2008 by Ether | Comments (7)

Forbidden - Tour Drummer Announced

Cali's reunited thrashers Forbidden posted the following:

"Forbidden proudly announces Mark Hernandez (Heathen, Defiance, Re-Ignition, Vio-lence, Torque, Technocracy, Social Unrest), as the drummer for Forbidden's upcoming European tour. Mark Hernandez is one of the most dynamic and solid drummers in Hard Rock/Heavy Metal today. His aggressive attack and technical ability shine. Mark has proven himself over and over from his time in one of the most respected thrash metal bands of all time Vio-lence and more recently with Heathen and the rebirth of Defiance. Mark will be one of the most watched drummers in Hard rock & Heavy Metal for years to come."

Statements from the band:


Band profile: Forbidden
Posted: 22.05.2008 by Ether | Comments (3)

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