Apothys - Auditions For New Drummer Position

Through an unfortunate turn of events recently, Apothys is faced with the task of replacing their drummer. Auditions will start very soon.

Apothys is an established, original metal band out of the Woodbridge, Virginia area, and they have been generating a lot of buzz in the Northern, Virginia/Washington, DC area. They released a demo this past year that has garnered some great reviews, and is being played on several underground stations across the country, and a few overseas.
Apothys has also opened for some national bands, including Venom, Dope, Evergrey and Nevermore. Their music has been described as heavy, brutal and driving, and they have been referred to as "Virginia's Metal Monsters". They are also well respected by many bands that they have shared the stage with who view Apothys as being a very "tight" live band.
In the past year they have written more than enough material for a first album.
They are now faced with finding a new drummer, due to some unforseen circumstances. If you are interested and feel up to the task, send a message from this site or the Apothys site. If you are not familiar with Apothys, check out the Cold Shot Productions site or the Apothys site to hear some of their music, to see if you can play their music, and to determine if it is the type of music you want to play and be part of.

Please Note The Following:

Their influences are Black Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, and Progressive Death Metal. Send us your application if you meet the requirements. Leave your email or phone number on your message and we will get back to you.

Requirements: (Must have to be considered)

1. Have your own transportation.

2. You must own the necessary equipment to join the band. All of your equipment has to be reliable to play during practice and live shows.

3. Some source of income so you can always maintain, repair or replace your equipment as needed. You must be able to support yourself.

4. Attitude. Your attitude is a great deal towards the band. Apothys will not deal with a bad attitude. You also have to be social in the degree where you get along with the members. Do not allow your personal life to affect your playing or relationship with the band. Leave all that, and especially ego, at the door.

5. You have to have a decent if not a great amount of stage presence. The live show is a very vital part of being in this band. Just because you sit behind a drum kit doesn't mean you are not expected to have some level of interaction with the audience.

6. Dedication. The will and drive to become more than a local band. Apothys has high demands for going out on the road and making something of themselves, and in turn are absolutely dead serious about the band's efforts.

7. Being a team player and not an outcast. Everyone is in this together. You cannot have an over-sized ego, nor be someone who believes they deserve more than anyone else in the band.

8. An ample amount of experience with the drums. This goes without saying. Bottom line - You must know what you're doing.

9. The willingness to expand on your style and to learn new techniques. Apothys is looking for someone who will mold into the band and not try to change their sound. However, input is always welcome.

10. You must be 18+ to be considered. You also have to be highly available and be able to leave your house on your own account.

11. You must live in the Northern Virginia area.

Recommendations: (It would help a great deal if you also include these.)

1. A good sense of musical direction and influences.

2. Live show and recording experience.

3. A high factor of creativity. An open mind wouldn't hurt either.

4. Being 21+.

5. At least 6 years of playing the drums. Of course this is negotiable if you have exceptional talent.

6. Technical drumming. Cynic and Death influences. Not Korn.



Source: apothys.com
Posted: 19.12.2006 by wrathchild


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New drummer was found in 2007.
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