Vital Remains - Complete Work On New Album

"U.S. legends of epic black death metal" Vital Remains have just returned home from Mana Recording Studio in Florida, where they recorded their followup to 2003's "Dechristianize" featuring Glen Benton of Deicide once again on vocals.

Here is a statement from guitarist Tony Lazaro:

We've just returned home from Mana Recordings in Florida where we spent the whole month of December/January working on the new album. Yes, it's done and what can we say other than holy shit! We cannot wait for the fans to hear this new album!! I really think all of our fans are going to shit themselves when they hear this. To those few who thought we couldn't top Dechristianize, you're in for a real surprise because we did! We thought Dechristianize was a tough album to do, oh man! This album, hands down sets the bar. We spent 12-13 hours a day straight with no days off. The drums took some 10 days alone to track all nine songs. Glen's vocals sound sick and his performance and attack was awesome! Dave's leads and harmonies are some of his best work to date. Total shredding as well as a great drum performance done by Dave. He really worked hard to get his best drum tracks down. The overall sound of the new album is just HUGE! We are very proud of the results of all this hard work and we think our fans will soon agree as well. A BIG THANKS to Erik Rutan who really worked us to near death ha! Much respect to you and Shaun Otani for really working hard and pushing us to the point of insanity to bring out our best performances, to which we think you did without a doubt!
This is without question our "Reign In Blood" album. Soon the underground worldwide will get to hear this Unholy Brutality!.... "Hammer Down The Nails!!"

Vital Remains is also booking a lot of tours for the release of this album in 2007. Followed will also be a single and a video, the band's first premiered video in its eighteen year history.

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Posted: 16.01.2007 by pyroleprechaun


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16.01.2007 - 14:12
Xtreme Jax
I loved "Dechristianize" and glad to hear that Glen is back on the vocals. Cant wait to hear the follow up if they say its going to be better... Oh man, cant wait.

Hellcunt Smurf
16.01.2007 - 17:32
Now this is news.
Tour should visit Estonia again,last one had a crazy pit with singer joining it mid-song.
oh my fucking god, fucking dinosaurs
16.01.2007 - 18:47
Retired Staff
sounds very promising, i dont know if they can top Dechristianize, as it is one of my favourite deathmetal releases ever, but if they can... holy shit
BAS - Beautifully Accented Sexiness
16.01.2007 - 21:01
Winter Death
Account deleted
Best news ever?
16.01.2007 - 21:12
Angel of Lust
I'm looking forward for the new apocalyptic work of Vital Remains, can't wait!
Dechristianize was a masterpiece, I hope in another one...

"The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear,
and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown."
Howard Phillips Lovecraft
17.01.2007 - 04:42
Account deleted
Great! I can't wait!
19.01.2007 - 12:55
The Aryaputra
It will be difficult to wait until its release!
that which shines without names and forms...
19.01.2007 - 23:10
Account deleted
It's About Fuck'n Time Cool.:banger::banger2:
20.01.2007 - 13:46
Account deleted
if they really did surpass the greatness of Dechristianize then this will most likely be my favorite album of all time overall

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