Al Jourgensen - To Release Pop Record

In a recent interview for the website Vampire Freaks, Ministry frontman Al Jourgensen announced that he is working on a pop record.


Yeah, exactly. And that's the great thing. I'm working on a solo album right now, for me… well, I guess that would be a solo album as it's explained. But it's complete fucking pop stuff. There's no metal, there's no politics, it's complete pop stuff! If you know my history, you know that first record on Arista (Records) that I fucking hate.


I hate it because I was told what to do, what to write, what to wear, what to look like, etc. Now, I'm going to finally do a pop album. It's really good pop -I'm working with Mark Thwaite (former guitarist for Peter Murphy and the UK Mission). We've crafted this unbelievable pop album which is going to leave people scratching their heads and saying 'He's a sellout! He's an asshole!' Well, I'm not a sellout because I don't need to do this anymore, I've just always wanted to do an album of pop that I wanted to do, not that other people wanted to do. And so we're doing it. I don't give a fuck if it sells ten copies, I don't give a fuck if it sells a million copies; it doesn't matter to me. That's not important.

When asked what the new project would sound like, Al's response was:


Alright, here's a clue. Do you remember THE THE? It's real similar to that. (...) I was a big fan of Matt Johnson's, right up until he died and it's kind of a tribute to that period. That mid-eighties period where there was some really good synth-pop shit that wasn't written by the labels or like MILLI VANILLI or whatever, MINISTRY for that matter. This is the stuff that was meant to be. FAD GADGET is another example of what this solo album is going to sound like.

In related news, Jourgensen also confirmed that new Lard, Pailhead and Buck Satan albums are in the pipeline.

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Posted: 22.09.2009 by jupitreas


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22.09.2009 - 16:03
Giant robot
Interesting news
22.09.2009 - 16:52
Wow, I never thought that sounding like The The could possibly be considered a good thing.
You can't fight evil with a macaroni duck!
22.09.2009 - 17:26
Baz Anderson
New Lard, great!!
22.09.2009 - 19:31
Lard! You can see it, in the clouds up in the sky.
Lard! Floats by in clusters in our water supply.
Lard! It's in all of us, man. Our pores, and in our hair.
Lard! What we conceal in those corny clothes we wear.

Lard is all.
Lard is divine.
Lard is in control.
Lard whips and chains our soul.
We carry credit cards.
We live in fear of art.
Lard is the Om.
Lard is revolution.
Lard is the tapeworm,
in the bottle of cheap tequila.
That comes alive at night,
And sneaks up and bite our nipples.


Nowadays, most of us need someone to run our personal life.
Someone to see that the plant are watered.
Someone to make sure the place is clean.
Someone to make sure dinner is waiting.
Someone to call for theater tickets.
Some one to make up those cheap excuses.
What we need is Lard!


The answer.
The dancer.
The ointment.
The dream.

Absorb it.
Inflame it.
Respect it.
Molest it.


(amusingly the band name was centered around the idea of mocking metal heads, and the band imaging metal fans showing up at gigs clenching cans of Lard and waving them in the air... lol)
get the fuck off my lawn.
22.09.2009 - 19:57
Whatever.. He's genius, whether it's Pop or Metal.. It can be even cooler!
22.09.2009 - 21:14
Hahaha cant wait to hear some samples ! Best of luck to you Sir !
23.09.2009 - 00:50
Totemic Lust
Written by Derwood on 22.09.2009 at 16:52

Wow, I never thought that sounding like The The could possibly be considered a good thing.

Haha exactly what I was thinking...
23.09.2009 - 02:06
LeChron James
It could be good, but oddds are its gonna be a pop album and be awful.

R.I.P. Al Jourgensen
Kick Ass, Die Young

Less is More
Stay Pure
Stay Poor

Music was my life, music brought me to life and music is how I will be remembered long after I leave this life. When I die there will be a final waltz in my head that only I can hear.
23.09.2009 - 03:35
Black Conundrum
Hmm, at least he isn't doing it to sell out, so that's a good thing. As for how good or bad the album will be, I have no comment for that, except that I rarely enjoy pop music.
23.09.2009 - 09:06
Down Under Staff
Well even if it's something like the first couple of Ministry albums it could be rather funky I haven't heard of any of the bands he referenced so I'm a bit in the dark!
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