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The original post

Posted by wrathchild on 18.05.2008 at 14:21
Ok, so normally one should not be able to create a new thread until they got 100 posts. So those people can do it here and introduce their band.

Please be kind enough to provide all the information about your band (name, genre, website, myspace, a bit of history, etc.)

I also invite you to fill an entry in the "Band suggestions", and vote/comment on those you want to see featured

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From: Argentina
  25.01.2016 at 05:27
Hey guys! I'm the singer of a Heavy Metal band from Argentina called HESS. In 2014 we released our first album called Hagalaz. We would like to share it with you. Let us know what you think about it; we would appreciate your opinion!

To listen to the album:

To download it:
1) http://www.mediafire.com/download/x9sk3j9budip2gl/HESS+Hagalaz+%282014%29.rar
2) https://hessheavymetal.bandcamp.com/releases

Watch our official video:
Song: Clarisse's Nightmare
Album: Hagalaz (2014)

Facebook Pages:
Der Trauerweider

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Age: 24
From: Germany

  29.01.2016 at 17:06
I doubt many people observe this thread but why not

That's my black metal band Hjel (Germany), the single that you can listen to here is from an upcoming album and for free download on bandcamp (info in video description).


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From: Romania
  05.02.2016 at 11:22
Greetings everyone
We are a new band emerging and want to share with you our creations,our genre is black gothic doom metal.
We will unveil this year our first album.
Here is a link to a promo video,enjoy.

If you liked it follow us on facebook for more.
Horns up \m/

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From: Ireland
  02.03.2016 at 20:52
Hey guys,

Just here to share some new music with all of yous

TDWHSB are a heavy metal band from Dublin, Ireland, influenced by all sorts of metal across the board. We released our first official music video in August last year and are workin on our debut album for a summer release. You can check out all our stuff on YouTube, let us know what you think and give us a like on Facebook

And for anyone living in Czech Republic we'll be playing Agressive Music Fest July this year. http://www.agressivemusicfest.eu/



Music: https://youtu.be/tcw7vDwO_Dg



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheDevilWantsHerSwaggerBack/

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From: USA
  11.03.2016 at 16:51
Raw, surreal and vacuous, PKWST (the actual name is a sigil containing these letters) are an ambient black metal/noise project heavy on drones, sound collage, power electronics, death industrial etc. A long-distance entity mainly based in Arizona and Michigan, with occasional collaborators worldwide.

Downloads are free, along as retail-quality, manufactured CDS with extra-cheap shipping, available here-


Follow at-

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From: Germany

  16.03.2016 at 18:44
Got no band but a little label. One man gang operation straight outta Dortmund, Germany.

Actual releases:

DOWNFALL OF NUR "Umbras e Forestas" CS
UNRU "Als Tier ist der Mensch nichts" CS / LP
PARAMNESIA "Demo Remastered 2015" CS
OUTRE "Ghost Chants" CS

Free downloads at my bandcamp: https://monotonstudiorecords.bandcamp.com
Mailorder: http://monotonstudio.tictail.com
Facefuck: https://www.facebook.com/MONOTONSTUDIORECORDS

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From: Poland
  26.03.2016 at 23:16

What do You think of our song? Its combination of death and groove metal.




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From: Croatia
  29.03.2016 at 13:49
Check out a death / thrash metal band from Croatia

Chemical Exposure

A demo song from an upcoming album ''Sick Mutant Society''

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From: The Netherlands
  01.05.2016 at 13:19
The Shiva Hypothesis: Blackened Death Metal band from The Netherlands

A full length album will come out later this year. In the mean time you can check out some of our songs:

For more info check our/follow us on facebook:
The Sultan

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From: Sweden
  12.06.2016 at 15:59
Want to listen to some Raw Black/Death metal?! Listen to Revenge Prevails from SWEDEN on spotify or youtube. Hails!

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From: Germany

  17.06.2016 at 13:40
TC is about to take over your world! 15 Brothers looking for nothing but trouble...

No rotten compromises.
No other crews.
No bullshit.

Either you are with TC or you are the enemy. If you're not with TC, we hate you!! It's as simple as that...

TC - hittin' harder than PCP

The TC makes rock Music with some electronic influence. We started making TROUBLE September 2015 and WILL continue!! Here is the video to our first BANGER Kevin is in Jail:

visit www.tiger-crew.com for further BANGERS, ARTWORKS and INFORMATION!!

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From: Finland
  17.06.2016 at 14:40

We have relased our new aggressive scandinavian
deathgrind album EP - Kuoleman luomat
from Finland.
Check out our Ep from
Support us on our fb - website and you get ours news .



T : BH

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From: Romania
  20.06.2016 at 01:35

We are CRIMENA, a violent groove metal band from Romania.
We started in november 2012 and this year we finally released our first full length studio album CHAPTER ONE: DIIVINE BETRAYAL.

Give this one a listen


If you like what you've heard, find out more about here:



The entire album can be streamed here:


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From: USA

  29.06.2016 at 22:08
DIRE - Volume I drops in August. Getting the material out there, looking for general thoughts, input, influences that you can pick out, anything.

If you like the stuff, by all means feel free to share it. We currently have three demos off of the album out to show the mix of range our songs have, stylistically. We try to go for a straight up metal sort of sound, then leaning towards hard rock with our softer side. We get labeled as metalcore a lot, but I don't often hear metalcore that sounds like us. Let us know what genre you would put us under.

DIRE Website
Nuno filipe

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From: Portugal
  20.08.2016 at 15:12
Hey guys, gonna leave here my new project.


Its metalcore in the style of Killswitch Engage, As I Lay Dying, All That Remains e.t.c

Here is a youtube link with one of the songs of the Ep:

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