Prostitute Disfigurement

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Posted by Dangerboner, 25.06.2006 - 08:19
Prostitute Disfigurement is a nifty little brutal death metal band from the Netherlands. They play fairly brutal stuff. Check them out:
20.08.2008 - 04:43
I just heard the latest album and the vocals have really changed !
I'm not for a band having their unique sound and then ruin it , but with these guys it really shows that this band isn't just about playing brutal to the maximum without being any good.
Some said that they didn't like because their sound is now "commercial" death metal , but if the music is still good what the hell , i'll check out the album more tomorrow but so far i like it .
they're still to me one of those brutal death metal acts that i will always listen to and check out.
Good work Prostitute disfigurement !!
Brutality Is Law ..
20.08.2008 - 08:49
Account deleted
One time in school I had to listen to two guys fight over some anime. They were screaming like little girls. That was the worst thing I'd heard, until I heard Prostitute Disfigurement.
21.08.2008 - 01:29
haha the new shit actually has some musical value!! I'm sad that the vocals aren't as brutal though