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Posted by Baz Anderson, 11.08.2008 - 17:18
Ok, we are in full swing of summer now - over here we are anyway. So lets see some nice pictures you have taken!

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10.02.2018 - 22:14
When I'm not in school studying as a full time student or working on my music business, I'm an agency worker who's a labourer in construction...
99 Bishopsgate

The Gherkin as seen from 99 Bishopsgate

I ran into this car I've heard of from seeing it in a Newspaper and recognised it straight away when I was working in the area/Kensington & Chelsea, I started taking snaps of it, then other people did, one of which I asked to take my picture with it.

A snapshot I took that day from Nido Tower.

Frying Pan Alley

For the uninitiated, this yellow sign means that there's a fire hydrant (this is what they look like in the UK), this caught my attention.
It made me smile with that window display above it.

This job gives me privileged access to some of my hometown's iconic sites.

When I was working in The Gherkin...

The patriot in me saw this.

Sneaky Snapshot when I was on the clock... All that week I wanted to capture this shot until I did, also, had to make sure I didn't drop my phone, like, extra careful.

A quick snapshot of Tower Bridge as seen from The Gherkin.

Working nights/graveyard shift 6 pm - 6 am at that rate of pay all night at the Science Museum in Knightsbridge was awesome.

and this was the area I had to eat lunch in at 1 am.
No lights, just dark and peace.
I snuck a shot of my boss on this site who had this reading light.

Abbey Road Studios snapshots,
On my way into work that day.

I took this and found my p.o.v was unique, of this iconic doorway.
What happened was, the people who hired me hired by Universal who owns this site put my offices and cloak room and facilitates in the car park/parking lot outside and this was captured of their front door by me for my instagram real quick on some stairs that were erected there at the time when there was construction going on.
I'm rather proud of this p.o.v I took a snapshot from on my lunch break.

The Shard on a clear day.

The Shard when it's overcast.

The Shard from Waterloo.

London Charring Cross Station from Waterloo

This was the first time I saw Big Ben since the UK voted to leave the EU back in June 2016 taken days after that week and world media was still there...
and... This it what it looked like to me...

This was the first snapshot I took of it from across the river..

I call it, because to me it looked like Westminster was screaming that day I saw it that week in June 2016/like Edvard Munch's The Scream.
As I got closer, it looked all gloomy.

When I had that job in Soho.

This is me and my window shopping snapshots of the glory I call home;

Macari's on Charring Cross Road/2015. (I would basically ogle these guitars, come home, and stare at my Gibson Custom Shop guitar doing the same thing/just lovingly staring at it when I wasn't playing it/still do).

Also, this caught my eye.
In 2015..

I later asked, and this Travis Bean sold for £8, 000.00 and once belonged a member of The Clash...

I once saw a 1960's Cherry Red Fender Stratocaster in the window of Wunjo Guitars (Wunjo Guitars of all places)?! -That had a price tag of £116, 000.00 on it....
That sold quickly, too quick for me to capture a snapshot of it, but, Wunjo!? They're not usually known for having pricey guitars as much as the others, so to see the most expensive guitar I laid eyes on there, in their window display/Wunjo's (!?), was like wow & damn.

Me and my WWII Vet' grandmother at Buckingham Palace 2017 at a Garden Party, I was her plus 1.

Yeah, meet people from all over at these.
For us, it was okay, 20 minutes commute into London Victoria from Thornton Heath, taxi to the Palace... yeah...
Well, it was my Nan, she got the invite to meet The Prince/Prince Harry at a garden party...
Of course she wanted to go/it was her day, being honoured for her service in WWII by the Not Forgotten Society and she requested I helped her get there, so I did, made sure she had her day/her fun.
It was alright, she was happy.

This was me at the Royal Palace of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL in 2015...

... Slightly different attire.