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Which Death MetalScene do you Prefer?

Florida - Death, Deicide, Obituary, CC,42
Polish - Decapita, Vader, Hate, Behemoth22
Sweden - Grave, Entombed, Dismember16
Canada - Cryptop, Gorguts, Martyr, Quo V7
NY - Suffocati, Immolation, Incantation,4
Dutch -Pestil, God Dethr, Sinist, Gorfes2
German - NEcrophagist, Obscura2
England - Cancer, Carcass,1
Chicago - Gorgasm, Master0

Total votes: 96

The original post

Posted by on 03.04.2009 at 18:13
Examples of bands
Polish scene: Decapitated, vader, hate, yattering, betrayer, lost soul, behemoth, dies irae.
NYDM: suffocation, immolation, incantation
florida: Death, Deicide, morbid angel, obituary, cannibal corpse, atheist.
sweden: entombed, grave, opeth (?), dismember.
Dutch: pestilence, god dethroned, gorefest, sinister, hail of bullets.
Canada: gorguts, cryptopsy, martyr, quo vadis.
Chicago: gorgasm and master
england: carcass, cancer,
German: Necrophagist, obscura.

Well? Which scene do you prefer?

I like poland because all the bands have this similar but unique sound which i love.

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St. Anger

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From: Germany

  04.08.2011 at 17:06
I do enjoy the Polish metal more, so I voted for it. Florida is my second choice.
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Shadow King

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Age: 23
From: USA

  06.09.2012 at 22:52
Sweden, not for the old school death metal however, but for the melodic and progressive death metal bands there.
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  25.09.2012 at 07:51
Well the obvious choice is Florida right? I really like Carcass though, so its either England or Florida for me.
Account deleted
  25.09.2012 at 08:44
Polish of course

Posts: 7
From: Norway

  25.09.2012 at 15:26
Had a hard time trying to decide between Polish and Swedish scene, but in the end I decided to go along with Sweden, I think Morbid overruled.

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Age: 31
From: Mexico

  02.10.2012 at 19:43
Florida...a pretty easy choice...
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