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Posted by Arian Totalis, 09.09.2006 - 07:28
Well, here it is, Rap.
Lots of metal Heads feel that this genre has
nothing to offer, that it is unintelegent and
without feeling, that it's all about smokin'
joints and gang wars.

But others may realize that rap and metal
arn't so different after all. Just look at
How Public Enemy Did a Song with Anthrax,
It's simple, both metal and rap can tend to have
rebelious and politically themed music. (punk to actually)
They both can indicate Drug problems and spiritual

For me, Rap is my favorite Genre of Music second
only to metal (Of Course!) Because I feel, well......
Pretty much the same as how I explained on the previous
Paragraph. It's intelligent, Political and for the most part
rebellious music. It also sounds good to me, If it's a good
M.C., the words flow like water with the Beat in the background.

So, what about you, is it stupid to you?
Do just not like the Sound?
Or maby you Love the sound,
and hey, do you relate to it?

Go Forth and Tell me!
EDIT: If you're going to critisize this genre of Music in any Negative way, Please make sure you critisize it with some inteligence. Statements like "The Only Good Rapper is a dead one," WILL BE MARKED AS A SPAM POST!!!
So please, remember that, and we're cool
16.08.2015 - 04:08
Written by Rog-Mothoth on 17.11.2014 at 05:18
Anybody here into Run the Jewels?

Love those guys. Killer Mike is a bright dude, too. I've seen him go on political talk shows and hold his own and then some.
23.05.2016 - 05:17
Frank Comstock
Anybody into Jedi Mind Tricks? Either that, or Canibus' Rip The Jacker, which is an insane album.
"You travel within the glory of my memories, insect. I can feel your fear as you tread the endless expanse of my mind. Make yourself comfortable... before long I will decorate my home with your carcass."
02.06.2016 - 09:45
People keep talking about how nu metal got them into metal, but if anything nu metal has got me more into hip-hop as I was into traditional heavy metal before nu metal and I didn't like ANY hip-hop. Now I've concluded Death Grips, Macklemore, Eyedea & Abilities, The Roots/Questlove and Tech N9ne are pretty dope.