Arch Enemy, Belo Horizonte, Brazil 03.02.2007

Event: Arch Enemy: South American Doomsday Tour
Written by: Fierce Deity
Published: 14.02.2007

First Arch Enemy was to play in the Brazilian cities of Curitiba and São Paulo. Then, after some changes, only São Paulo. Less than a month before the show it was announced a second one in Belo Horizonte. And that's the gig you'll be reading about in the next few minutes.

Although it took a long time for the gig to be announced, there were a lot of people in the venue (Armazzem 841). I'm not sure, but I heard people talking about 2000 tickets sold. So, everything is set for a great night: a lot of people, a good venue (nothing special, but the sound is pretty good there) and, of course, a great band.

The opening act, Bozzo, was already playing when I arrived. They play some strange kind of metal, mixing up a lot of styles, always with some aggression. It isn't something that I like much, but some songs have interesting drum work anyway.

Arch Enemy was supposed to enter the stage a half hour after Bozzo left, but there were a lot of people outside and it took a long time for the real thing to start. It is kind of fun to see so many people just staring at a band's logo. But, as soon as the intro started, people were screaming and trying to find a good place to see everything.

The band entered the stage under more and more screams and the show began with a killer trio: "Nemesis," "Enemy Within" and "Dead Eyes See No Future." That was enough to drive every single person there crazy (some, sadly, got too crazy or are just too stupid and I saw one or two metalheads getting hurt by those dumb ones). But the show goes on, and the band does great. Amott is an awesome guitar player and Angela is very charismatic (and beautiful).

After some other songs (special attention to "Skeleton Dance," "Diva Satanica" and "My Apocalypse"), speeches (about woman in extreme metal and this being the last gig of the tour), choirs of "Angela, Angela!" (hell, people really love this girl here!), the band prepares the audience for the grand finale. Of course, it was as good as the beginning: "Ravenous," "Dead Bury Their Dead" and "We Will Rise."

The band thanks the audience and says good-bye under well deserved screams and applauses. A good set list and a marvelous performance made the last show of the Doomsday Machine Tour a special night for every one who was there. I hope to see Arch Enemy here again sometime and, if you have never seen them alive, do yourself a favor and check them out next time.

Set list:
Enemy Within
Dead Eyes See No Future
My Apocalypse
Out for Blood
Diva Satanica
Skeleton Dance
Drum solo
Burning Angel
The Immortal
Hybrids of Steel
Fredrik solo
Bury Me an Angel
Michael solo
Dead Bury Their Dead
Snow Bound
We Will Rise/Bridge of Destiny


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04.03.2007 - 11:07
Savage Messiah
Metal Drummer
wow nice review, i wish i could see them live, i have their dvd "live apocalypse", (its awesome) but i'd do anything to actually be there...
05.03.2007 - 01:12
Account deleted
I saw Arch enemy at São Paulo few days before the Belo Horizonte gig. They are amazing.
05.03.2007 - 18:37
Unasuming Madnes
I've seen them twice (nearly a third time at Gigantour but we just missed em due to them actually playing early). That review really brought back some memories, and they are a truely great band (being proven by being followed up by crappy bands and still creating there onw energy, no warm-up needed from other bands). I think they purposely make you wait for an hour (both shows they made us wait for about that long)but its damn worth it.
12.03.2007 - 08:38
Doc G.
Full Grown Hoser
looks like it was a good show, Arch Enemy were just as awesome when they came to Calgary here.
"I got a lot of really good ideas, problem is, most of them suck."
- George Carlin
13.03.2007 - 04:36
el parcero
why won't the come to colombia!!??
love is like a jar of shit with a strawberry on top
15.03.2007 - 22:11
Why won't they come to South Africa
Procrastinate, NOW!

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