The Vibes In Paris Fest N°1

Event: The Vibes In Paris Fest N°1
Written by: Jeff
Published: 28.04.2008


The Vibes In Paris Fest N°1 by Jeff (25)

A Metal festival, indoor, in Paris and during the winter, is it not a good idea? Of course it's a good idea and the excellent association from Paris, Elianor, had the good idea to organise this event this cold weekend of November. Six bands: Jadallys, Magica, Malediction, Dornfall, Nightmare an After Forever; damn it was a great afternoon and evening…

After I met my mate Florian of Elianor, I had to run in the venue to see the first band Jadallys. Unfortunately, and due to the f%@$ing Parisian traffic jam, I missed more than half of the show. It was the first band so it was a bit hard for the audience to be really reactive although to be honest, the music of the band seemed to be really special. It was something theatrical with a charismatic female singer but probably a bit too much eclectic for a basic Metalhead. I cannot add a lot of things since I missed a lot of this show but well, let's say that I hope I will see them again later.


After Jadallys we had a new band with a female singer - the Romanians of Magica. If you don't know them, you must know that Magica is a clone of Nightwish. They're a bunch of cool musicians and they were more than ok but I say it again this band is a bit average for me. I mean, they were good but unoriginal as hell when you already know that a lot of bands play this kind of music. The show wasn't that bad actually and some of their songs were quite enjoyable but I hope that they will be able to improve their music and find some more original ideas.


And then, Malediction came on stage. I will be honest - it was the surprise of the night for me. Really charismatic, this old school Thrash Metal band from France was simply awesome and all their songs, in French, were really addictive. Even if they're young musicians, their mix of Thrash and Heavy Metal (let's call it Speed Metal) was extremely good and the proof was visible in the pit where all the Metalheads did a big mosh like some furious crazy animals. Malediction was one of the best bands of the night and I really hope that I will see them again.


For Dornfall, it was really different. Not that the band was bad, on the contrary, but their really progressive and borderline psychedelic music was evidently really different from the show of Malediction. Actually, Dornfall played a really interesting set and their mix of a lot of different Metal styles (from Heavy, to Prog and even Nu Metal) was enjoyable but the crowd was unfortunately sleepy (but to defend them, the music of Dornfall is not so accessible). This band is however really promising and their musicians were really good live and really charismatic, so I'm sure that I will come to see them again in the future.

Set-list DORNFALL :
Nirnaeth Arnoediad
Un Tueur qui s'ignore
L'Ego de Dieu
Précieux secret
La Voix des Mages


A lot of bands were present at this Festival and the next one was Nightmare. I don't even remember how many times I saw the band in the past but for sure and as always it was really great. I mean that Joe, the singer, is a really good frontman and it was easy for him to "catch" the attention of the audience. With some cool songs of their last album "The Dominion Gate" and some other old ones, we had a nice set list and we even had a really cool cover of "The Number Of The Beast" to finish this show. No doubt, Nightmare is one of the best bands of the year 2005 and they're a really amazing band live, don't miss them during their tour with After Forever next year.

Set-list NIGHTMARE :
Paranormal Magnitude II (intro)
A Taste Of Armageddon
Secret Rules
Mind Matrix Schizophrenia
Messenger of Faith
Invisible World
Power Of The Universe
The Watchtower
Hallowed Be Thy Name (Cover IRON MAIDEN)


The Dutch band After Forver was finally on stage to finish this excellent Vibes In Paris Festival 1. As always with After Forever, the show was really pro and with an excellent sound. No doubt that Floor is an amazing singer, she proved it one more time this night. Be sure that all the others musicians were good too. We got some classics like "Monolith Of Doubt" or "Pledge of Allegiance Part I" and above all a lot of new songs. And it was good, those new songs were all really good and even if I still prefer the "old" After Forever I cannot say that the last album gave something bad during this performance. It was really OK and the great cover of "The Final Countdown" was perfect to close this evening. Maybe it was a bit short but after more than 5 hours of music it was probably more than enough for all the people of the "Locomotive".

Boundaries are open
Living shields
Pledge of allegiance Part I
Monolith of doubt
Digital deicit
Taste the day (acoustique)
Face your demons
Being everyone
Follow in the cry
Forlorn hope
The Final countdown (cover EUROPE)

After Forever

Let's pray to have at least one other Vibes Fest in the future because this one was really well done and Elianor production deserve to have the luck to do some more. Let's pray to have a bit more people too, because I really don't understand why the French Metalheads are always whining and never come to this kind of show.... But for my part and after this great event, be sure that I will be there for the next Vibes Fest !!!

Many thx to my mate Florian and Elianor for this tip top festival and for the press accreditations


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