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Event: Gamma Ray
Written by: Fierce Deity
Published: 11.12.2005

The Lapa Multshow (or just Lapa, as it is more known) is a very traditional metal venue in Belo Horizonte, that was the first cine in the city. Bands that have played there in the past include Nightwish, Edguy, After Forever, Destruction and others. Although there are bigger and better venues now, Lapa still sounds great.

At 9:00pm, two hours before the show, I arrived at Lapa. Lots of people were already there in order to get good places. Unfortunately, I didn't arrive soon enough to stay "na grade" (in the front line), as we say here, and I got no friends with me this time. But, no matter what, I was going to see Gamma Ray, one of my favourite bands, for the first time and, even if I had to watch it sitted down, I would be happy.

After a long wait and seeing all the last preparations and stuff, the intro "Welcome" started. That was the sign for everyone to get ready. By the time all the band members were on stage, there were screams from everybody. The first song of the night was "Gardens Of The Sinner". Oh, how amazing... It's simply impossible to stand still in the middle of the crowd in an opening song... If you dont jump, you get smashed!

Gamma Ray on stage

But who didn't jump? The second song, performed even better than the first one, was the classic "Heaven Can Wait". All Gamma Ray members were just great on stage, especially Kai And Dirk, who were talking and interacting with the crowd during every single song.

Next, three songs from the new (and very good) album, Majestic: "My Temple", "Fight" and "Blood Religion". "Fight" proved to be a perfect song to be performed live due to its chorus. Also, Kai made everyone scream "Blood Religion" with him.

Kai Hansen

But, no "Fight" and no "Blood Religion" can beat "Heavy Metal Universe" when it is played live. One of the best moments of the concert surely was Kai's interaction with the crown in this song. Another song from Majestic followed: "Majesty". I have to say that this is not one of my favourite tracks from the new album, but, yet, is not that bad. Zimmermann stays in the stage after the song for a drum solo.

Gamma Ray returns to the stage to play the marvellous "Beyond The Black Hole", followed by another masterpiece: "New World Order". In the beautiful "The Silence", we have a huge mistake from Kai. It's nothing that some support "Hansen" screams from the people there couldn't fix and they start the song from where it was interrupteded.

Henjo And Dirk

"The next song starts like this", said Kai, and started to play "Rebellion in Dreamland". I have never heard so much noise from tha crowd! It's like everyone got an extra throat to sing this song along and not in a single verse was there silence. Surely the best moment of the whole concert - and maybe the best moment of all concerts that I went to so far. The next one was "Land Of The Free" and then a break.

Back on the stage, time for "Valley Of The Kings", followed by "Somewhere Out In Space", in which there was no need for Kai to sing, the metalheads there were doing it for him. The last part of "Rebellion In Dreamland" comes and the band leaves again.

After a couple of minutes, Gamma Ray returns for the last song of the night: "Send Me A Sign". A perfect ending for a perfect show. Surely one of the best shows I have ever seen and the proof that Gamma Ray are gods of Power Metal. I hope to see a gig like this again!


Gardens Of The Sinner
Heaven Can Wait
My Temple
Blood Religion
Heavy Metal Universe
Drum Solo
Beyond The Black Hole
New World Order
The Silence
Rebellion In Dreamland - 1st part
Land Of The free
Valley Of The Kings
Somewhere Out In Space
Rebellion In Dreamland - 2nd part
Send me a Sign


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