Goatwhore - Blood For The Master review

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Band: Goatwhore
Album: Blood For The Master
Release date: February 2012

01. Collapse In Eternal Worth
02. When Steel And Bone Meet
03. Parasitic Scriptures Of The Sacred Word
04. In Deathless Tradition
05. Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown
06. Embodiment Of This Bitter Chaos
07. Beyond The Spell Of Discontent
08. Death To The Architects Of Heaven
09. An End To Nothing
10. My Name Is Frightful Among The Believers

Goatwhore are another one of those bread-n-butter type bands. Take some great riffs, furious vocals, then let them loose at top speed. When it's done wrong, it's boring as shit. When it's done right - like Blood For The Master, it's just pure, angry fun.

Goatwhore aren't a band to pull any M. Night Shyamalan shit on you. If you didn't dig their brand of American sounding riff-based black/death/thrash hybrid before, more specifically, if you didn't enjoy Carving Out The Eyes Of God, there isn't much of a chance you'll be turned around for this one. Then there might be some of you much like myself; you enjoyed the overall sound, but couldn't find yourself attached to individual songs. Well, that is totally remedied on here. Blood For The Master is to Goatwhore what Forever Abomination was to Skeletonwitch; not a band drastically reinventing itself, but a band just finding and exploiting their strengths to an extent they couldn't manage before. On Blood For The Master, Goatwhore are just as vicious as ever, but with an ass load of some of the catchiest riffs you could bang your head to. Example? Put on "When Steel And Bone Meet", it becomes pretty self-explanatory from there.

As with any bread-n-butter albums, Blood For The Master does have its dry moments. It's understandably difficult filling an entire album when you haven't got any gimmicks, or avantgarde elements to work with. The impressive part is how few the dry moments actually occur, and that's where we see Goatwhore really step up with this one.

Like some straight-forward, top speed thrashy black/death n roll with riffs so aggressive & catchy they make Joel Grind jealous? Then definitely give Blood For The Master a listen.


Written on 07.02.2012 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.


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07.02.2012 - 14:49
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
I've got to get this album!
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08.02.2012 - 02:04
Account deleted
This sounds interesting. I'll keep an eye out for this.
08.02.2012 - 03:24
Looking forward to it. Seeing them live fairly soon (for the first time) and hope I can get a taste of the new material before that - and during that show.
08.02.2012 - 04:58
Boxcar Willy
yr a kook
Written by Misfit74 on 08.02.2012 at 03:24

Looking forward to it. Seeing them live fairly soon (for the first time) and hope I can get a taste of the new material before that - and during that show.

They put on a great show, I hope you have fun!
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26.02.2012 - 18:43
Iron Nostarion
Maiden Whore
Me luving this album and thanks to this review I actually got it. To be honest, it sounds more blackened thrash metal than Skeletonwitch. They deserve that label well.
To their tombs the people are immured,
There is their gold, treasure and wealth,
The only condition is to ignore them,
Those who feed on corruption and weave death
07.04.2012 - 01:10
I like this band. I though think..and esp on this album..its just thrash!
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