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Khanate - Capture & Release review


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Band: Khanate
Album: Capture & Release
Release date: 2005

01. Capture
02. Release

This is a really disturbing release, in the good way of course. The music featured in this CD is a monument to the bizarre. Capture & Release is an album wrapped in crushing tones, distressing tunes, incredibly low bass-lines, and awesome/experimental execution.

The album has only two long tracks, so the musical progression is actually amazing, the band manages to create extended tunes with at least 1 progression each minute; the structures are also really complex, both tracks have a main riff all over the song, but the background and the ambience is what makes the songs astonishing and enjoyable. The band exploits the synthesizer way too much; actually the main vein of the backgrounds is the ambience, created obviously with that gadget.

The other instruments work amazingly well though; even the vocal work is shocking, then we hear the multifaceted guitar chords and the awesome bass-lines, everything exploding marvelously to create a really outrageous tune. I'm impressed by this band, the environment sounds a lot like Sunn O))) but the music in general goes deeper into the extreme boundaries, there are even some bits where everything starts to float around you, wicked stuff indeed.

The music in this album is like an acid trip without the headaches and the uncontrollable puking. The album per se is really interesting, every second of music or noise has something hidden in the background, the surrealism inside the songs is really amazing, you'll find yourself seeing pink elephants and grey shades without being drunk or anything; on the other hand, the minimalist parts will make you go "Damn what the fuck happened", so as you may notice the album will not bore you in any way at all.

It takes guts and steel nerves to actually hear this kind of music; do you have what it takes? If you do, go now and buy this awesome release, you won't regret I promise.

Written by Herzebeth | 27.11.2005


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