Evereve - Enetics: 11 Orgies Of Mass Enjoyment On The Dark Side Of The Planet review


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Band: Evereve
Album: Enetics: 11 Orgies Of Mass Enjoyment On The Dark Side Of The Planet
Release date: 2003

01. This Heart
02. The More She Knows
03. Abraza La Luz (Embrace The Light)
04. Her Last Summer
05. SilverGod
06. X-Istence (I'm Free)
07. December Wounds
08. Along Comes A Fool
09. One More Day
10. Eat-Grow-Decay
11. 1951

Being one of the most beautiful gothic metal acts with "Seasons" and, especially, "Stormbirds", after the tragic suicide of their first singer Tom Sedotschenko they started moving towards a more electronic sound steadily, from album to album, remaining always metal.

"Enetics" is their 5th release and with it Evereve show both a powerful and at the same time emotional side of their sound, harmonizing both elements beautifully. The guitars are heavily distorted for sure and the riffing is inspired lending power to the compositions, something important for metal bands that deal with electronics in their sound. Of course more acoustic moments concerning the guitar work are present and they make the atmosphere more emotional. The rhythm section of course should play an important role and so it does. Imposing drumming and pulsating bass lines lend the ideal groove to the compositions when they harmonize with the riffing and the overall outcome is dynamic!

The synthesizers offer some well-thought electro FX and passages where the floating sounds are pacing well with the rest of the instruments and, above all, their use as an atmosphere-evoking instrument is wonderful, offering melodies that evoke either a devout or a serene feeling. MZEve51 is not only the keyboard player of the band since their very beginning, he's also the charismatic vocalist of Evereve from "E-Mania" and on, and he definitely sounds incredibly melodic and he's always in tune with the songs. Although he reminds a bit of Paradise Lost's Nick Holmes, without the husky accent though, he is definitely a really good interpreter and he makes the compositions sound even better.

The production is flawless if I may say and every instrument can be heard clearly and well. "Enetics" is an inspired album, but some ideas don't seem to be so good, they are pleasing to the ear, but not so good as you might had expected them to be. There are songs though, like the esoteric "1951", the melodic "this Heart", the emotional and utterly inspired "Abraza La Luz", the upbeat "Silver God" and "Along Comes A Fool" etc, that will keep the interest of the listener to high levels for sure!

"Enetics" is good album in general, with beautiful melodies, that will please the audience of the melodic elecro-oriented gothic metal scene, but I would recommend "Stormbirds" first to anyone willing to listen to pure and deeply emotional/inspired gothic metal.


Written on 01.12.2005 by "It is myself I have never met, whose face is pasted on the underside of my mind."


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06.10.2009 - 18:28
This was my first album from Evereve, and one of my favourites from my early teens...the album was diverse and filled with great songs fron start to finish...1951 is such a beautiful song...

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