Miseo - Lunatic Confessions review


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Band: Miseo
Album: Lunatic Confessions
Release date: September 2014

01. Trapped In Veil
02. Daddy's Girl
03. Greed Kills
04. Lunatic Confessions
05. Skin Dress
06. Ueberzucht Und Untergang
07. Harlots For God
08. Everybody's Victim
09. No Guts, No Glory
10. Five Star Doc
11. Ingrate Deadbeat

If you take generic death metal, generic grind, generic melodeath and generic deathcore, guess what genius concoction is made?

You guessed it, a generic modern death metal album. With an album title like Lunatic Confessions, paired up with that sweet-tits cover artwork, I think expecting some Charles Manson-meets-Mr Rogers caliber insanity is justified. This is more along the lines of "I collect pine cones and PVR Wheel Of Fortune" sort of insanity. Mundane and benign.

Lunatic Confessions really just comes across as a homage to everything death. The aggression of old school U.S. Death metal, sometimes spinning into the hyper-aggression of grind and crust from time to time, the breakdowns and vocal style most commonly associated with deathcore, topped off with some melodeath leads. The whole package is delivered in what pretty accurately reflects the song writing; raw, but not too raw, stripped down, but no too stripped down. Just sort of middle-of-the-road.

Miseo really do deliver on all fronts, but never in any unique way. The only really impressive thing about the album is just how smooth the whole concoction feels. You'll say to yourself "Well, that was pretty cool what they did there..." but never "Man, I was blown away by [insert song here]!" They've taken a bunch of things that have been done before, and stirred them all together in a way that is rarely done (well.) If you like unpretentious death metal mixes, but aren't looking for anything cutting edge, Miseo might just be right up your alley, but it's another "just OK album" in the end.


Written on 14.08.2014 by Former EIC. Now just a reviewer guy.

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