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Band: Finsterforst
Album: Mach Dich Frei
Release date: January 2015

01. Abfahrt
02. Schicksals End'
03. Zeit Für Hass
04. Im Auge Des Sturms
05. Mach Dich Frei!
06. Mann Gegen Mensch
07. Reise Zum..
08. Finsterforst

It seems common now that the pagan genre directs its view onto modern themes and problems. The most popular examples include Varg or Equilibrium. And while mentioning those two, it's most convenient to change topic to the new Finsterforst album, which is best described by a mixture of the aforementioned bands. Mach Dich Frei is the fourth studio album of the neo-pagan warriors from the black forest, after which the band is named. And indeed, it is a worthy one.

With a total playing time of more than 70 minutes, the eight tracks share an average length of 9 minutes. But behold, for it is different here. Only four songs are in that range, then we have two short instrumental tracks and finally two long runners with 15 and 24 (!) minutes playing time. It's already an art by itself that during this time no sign of boredom or repetitiveness appears. Especially the song "Finsterforst" needs a review of its own, for its complex structures can only be accessed by listening to it multiple times. At this point it would have been convenient to divide the track into chapters with names, just to make it easier to talk about it.

Overall this must be the strongest side of the record, that is it's just very complex and feels like there's countless hours and months work in it. They even did it without a sauna (I suppose). However, Mach Dich Frei never gets chaotic on the other hand, so it is always a pleasure. For me personally there is but one big negative point that must mentioned (rant mode on): the guitar tone. Ugh. This one really sucks donkey balls. I get that it is part of the modern concept and needs to fit in the mix right next to the accordion and orchestrations, but this really annoyed me again and again. Guitarists will recognize the popular pick-up brand that sounds always the same no matter in which guitar you put it. The high gain masters from the black forest. (rant mode off)

Concluding the positive parts; this album is really good. The modern and sometimes political lyrics can't speak ill of the music, which shows many facets and layers and never gets boring. A favourite track to pick should be "Zeit Für Hass", followed by the epic "Finsterforst". If any of them will be played live, panties will drop to the bottom of the earth.

Rating breakdown
Performance: 9
Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Production: 7


Written on 19.02.2015 by "The future is not guaranteed, all we have is today.
And Today, we have Metal." - Karl Sanders

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Being a fan of some bands that have symphonic elements in them, I had to listen to the album Finsterforst came into 2015 with, titled Mach Dich Frei. With all lyrics in German I had a bit of trouble understanding their meaning but the musical part, splendidly, made me a bit emotional.

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19.02.2015 - 18:27
Been listening to this album a lot recently...absolutely love it. Their sound is a much needed breath of fresh air in the genre, and the niche they've carved out somewhere between Moonsorrow and earlier Die Apokalyptischen Reiter is perfect.
20.02.2015 - 17:14
Rot Teufel
After 5 listens, personally i don't like this album: tracks are too much monotone and this made hard to finish each track (except for instrumentals); in this case the average track lenght is the weak point of this album. Plus after you have listened the whole album, it's like you have erased from your mind (same happens with Rastlos for me).

I still prefered the first two folks album: maybe they away for beeing technally well played, but songs have folk atmosphere, an unforgotten accordion, acoustic giutar parts, verses and choruses well defined. Small things i miss here, where the monotones guitars are too much predominant.
Destroy all dreams, illusion damned in fire... A hellish need for power, it's my dark desire...
21.02.2015 - 20:04
Here is my review, from the site that I write for:

I find it to be their best album to date.
19.05.2015 - 08:48

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