Iconofear - Dark review

Band: Iconofear
Album: Dark
Release date: 2003

01. Last Words… At Last
02. Dark
03. Dead Thoughts And Broken Dreams
04. The Heart Of Darkness
05. Darch Ness (Outro)

Another young band hailing from Suomi, it seems that every week a band from the land of the thousand lakes comes up with new material! Anyway, this time we don't have either Gothic or Extreme Metal, we have Heavy Metal, but hey! Don't run away so fast, this is not your typical "Let's bring back the eighties, dude!" Heavy Metal, ICONOFEAR plays a totally "Dark" heavy metal, with eerie keyboards and some other elements that belongs more to the Gothic Metal arena.

The first track "last Words… At last" is a real winner since the start, really heavy, with fast parts, and great keyboards, but what really catch your attention here are the vocals, they're just great, he can reach high notes, but he has a very deep dark voice, the bad news is that Ilja Jalkanen (The Vocalist) is no longer with the band. Bummer.

"Dark" follows and begins with a guitar line that sounds somewhat Arabic or something like that, this track is more mid-paced but still is great, I can't believe that Ilja is no longer in the band…
"Dead Thoughts And broken Dreams" slows thing down more to brings us a melancholic song, filled with emotions and some female vocals, the keyboard work is excellent here, really gives the right atmosphere.

I was having a blast with this very well produced Demo, and when it came the time to play the last song "Heart Of Darkness" (there's one more, but is an outro), I was expecting a powerfull closer, very fast and in-your-face, instead I got a boring, dull song that I can't even listen completely , bad move there.

So what we have here? A really good Demo, 4 songs 1 excellent, 2 really cool, 1 really boring… the thing is that they started things fast, and from then, they slowed down, down down and down…thank god that there wasn't a fifth song! But don't listen to my worthless rants, I totally recommend this one, good stuff.

Written by Undercraft | 24.10.2003


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