Vanguard - Succumbra review


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Band: Vanguard
Album: Succumbra
Release date: June 2005

01. Asylum
02. Forgive
03. Amoricide
04. Excarnation
05. Ephemeral
06. Bitheon
07. Homecoming
08. Nova
09. Wurmtod

Just keep walking, there's nothing to see here

Here's another act ready to make it to the big leagues. But the real question is, are they going to make it? I'll be the judge if you kindly let me please.
Let's take a look at the facts:

Gothic Metal from Finland - too predictable!
Female vocals Vs growls - heard that a zillion times before!
Cello and piano - those aren't rare instruments in Metal anymore…
Mid-paced doomy songs - same 'ol same 'ol

Those were the facts, brought to you by yours truly. Now the trials.

Yeah sure, she can sing, but I've heard that style a million times before, as for the musicianship the cello is a nice add, but I think they don't exploit it well, it remains hidden always instead of being an up-front instrument.

The best asset of the band is the vocals of Suvi Grym, only when she doesn't try to sound too operatic, the moment she tries to push her voice over the limit is when I change the track, because I had it enough with all the Tarja clones.

Good solos! Some songs feature good solos, thing that doesn't seem to matter to many Metalheads nowadays, nobody does guitar solos anymore! These guys do.
Growled vocals, they totally lack power and motivation, to stand in front of the mic and shriek is not enough, at least not anymore.

While this album is not that bad, it shows nothing new, absolutely nothing. Is a collection of influences and clichés packed in an awful cover art.
If Vanguard want to make it to the big leagues they have to rethink the whole concept of the band and start doing better. Music lacks emotion and versatility, and songs are too much alike, for a first try is not bad at all, but they'll have to do a lot better in their sophomore album if they want to impress this old reviewer.

Written by Undercraft | 30.09.2005


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