Valhalla (BRA) - Petrean Self review


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Band: Valhalla (BRA)
Album: Petrean Self
Release date: 2002

01. Intro
02. Unleash The Power
03. Between Dimensions
04. Renunciation
05. Celebration Of Circle
06. Battle by Truth
07. Inside
08. Labyrinth Of Memories
09. Raven
10. The Last Of Beings
11. In The Darkness Of Limb

Yes! More female fronted Death Metal bands! You might think that this band is influenced by Arch Enemy, but you're sadly mistaken, 'cause Valhalla is around since 1989, so they aren't newcomers, but incredibly enough, this is their second album, after a few years hiatus.
Valhalla is not only female fronted, but also all their members are female, is very good to know that there's still women that can rock like hell!

Anyway, Valhalla plays old school technical Death Metal, with their share of brutality Valhalla captivated my metalhead frenzied soul, the stuff in this album is amazing, I'm not usually fond of low grunting growls, but I must say that Caroline does a pretty good job in the growling department.

The songs are pure brutality and insane riffing, from the first track "Between Dimensions" you're in for a Death fest. Among my favorites are ""Celebration Of Circle" , "Battle For Truth" and "Labyrinth Of Memories" especially this last one puts me in a mood to break stuff!, the speed, the riffing, the tempo changes, this song is just amazing!

There's nothing more I can really say about this one, except if you like Death Metal get this, not only for the fact that all members are female, but for the amazing piece of music that is this "Petrean Self" hope to hear more from these ladies, and next time they release an album surprises me, there's always room from improvement.

Written by Undercraft | 02.01.2004


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