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Human Serpent - For I, The Misanthropist review

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Band: Human Serpent
Album: For I, The Misanthropist
Release date: January 2018

01. Seven Billion Slaves
02. For I The Misanthropist
03. Temple Of All Despair
04. The Scars Of Millions
05. ...To Son Of Nothing
06. Us And Them
07. Devotion To Denial
08. Deep-Seated Pessimism
09. Blessed Is The Man Who Expects Nothing

This is the third full-length album for the underground and misanthropic black metal duo, Human Serpent, and if you have read my other two reviews for their previous offerings, you may have guessed that For I, The Misanthropist was one of my most anticipated records for 2018.

Since The Eternal Loyalty To Misanthropy demo, Human Serpent add something extra to make things interesting in every release, but they never stray far away from their established formula of producing the purest, rawest and most brutal black metal you can find anywhere these days. The main change that I have managed to detect here is the more versatile use of X.'s vocals, who screams and growls and barks with inhuman hostility and overwhelming emotion, changing the songs' mood and atmosphere all by himself. In the closing track, he uses spoken words for the first time in order to convey the message that "Blessed Is The Man Who Expects Nothing".

Every Human Serpent release is above all else an ideological manifesto and For I, The Misanthropist is no exception. It spits on all materialistic aspects of life and is dedicated to those who fell down hard at some point in their lives, but managed to get back up again and grew stronger from that experience. The band's ideology is always emphasized in the small number of interviews they have given and it is a component that they consider being even more important than the music itself.

The music, which in this case, is once again a relentless battering, always accompanied by a slightly more melodic riff in the background, which progresses and evolves and ties itself around you like a snake until you find yourself wrapped and trapped in a coil. You struggle to break free but it's pointless; the grip becomes tighter and tighter, slowly crushing your bones one by one, until you completely give yourself up to the serpent's deadly hug.

The band has already shown that they are able to write longer and more progressive tracks, like they did in late last year's Everything Dies collaboration with Isolert or in the track "The Flowers Of Evil", which appeared in Conscious Self Destruction Of The New World, their split EP with Black Winter. However, much like their other two full-lengths, For I, The Misanthropist is short and sharp, nine tracks that aim to be the artistic expression of "The Scars Of Millions" and the desperate cry of "Seven Billion Slaves", who have their hearts and souls filled with "Deep-Seated Pessimism".

Let the grime smother you, let the serpent infect you.

"We are misanthropist when it comes to anything and everything that transforms humans into a potential factory, not to what a human is, based on their skin colour, gender or sexuality. We are Human Serpent motherfuckers and we vomit on your graves of your pathetic reality".


Written on 06.02.2018 by I was into this music when you were still in diapers.

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