The Body / Uniform - Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back [Collaboration] review

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Band: The Body / Uniform
Album: Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back [Collaboration]
Release date: August 2019

01. Gallows In Heaven
02. Not Good Enough
03. Vacancy
04. Patron Saint Of Regret
05. Penance
06. All This Bleeding
07. Day Of Atonement
08. Waiting For The End Of The World
09. Contempt

Hard to believe that we have an album whose cover art is more distorted than the music itself. That being said, Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back may not be as distorted but it's noisy. Very noisy.

But that is to be expected of a The Body album. They've made a name for themselves in this niche of industrial noise drone metal type of blend that they go for ever since they left their sludge days behind. They've also made a name for themselves as frequent collaborators. Guess what? Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back is both a collaboration and an industrial hellscape of an album. Joining them is also noisy post-everything band Uniform for their second collaboration, so it seems that as with Thou and Full Of Hell, The Body's collaborations come in pairs.

But compared to some of their material on other album, this is one with the clearest pop influence. You read that right. Ok maybe not pop, but there is definitely synthpop influences that I feel on "Vacancy". Synthpop from hell, but synthpop nonetheless. This is not the only track with influences outside the usual metal or industrial landscapes, and some tracks are still quite close to the usual sound, but there is a lot of electronica and trap and trip-hop influence going on as well to create some stunning soundscapes and some groovy moments, blended in some surprising ways. All of this atop a very unwelcoming base of distortion and noise and shrieks, so the contrast between the two actually make both of the aspects of the album stand out more.

Because of how much of the album is fronted by the electronic sounds and Uniform's Mike Berdan's punkier vocals, The Body's Chip King's less than pleasant shrieks are pushed more to the background. Those are quite an acquired taste, but here they feel like a much more fitting ingredient of a bigger piece instead of the forefront of it. This is one of the things that makes Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back clearly feel like a collaboration between two bands instead of something that could easily be mistaken for something seamless and cohesive. Just as with Sunn O))), there comes a point where you ask yourself whether The Body are more interesting to listen to when collaboration.

Everything That Dies Someday Comes Back may sometimes feel as more of an electronica album than an industrial metal or a noise rock one, but it is punishing all throughout, which is what The Body always will be even at their most accessible.


Written on 01.09.2019 by My opinion is objective, sorry if you don't agree, but you're wrong.


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