Verminous - Impious Sacrilege review


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Band: Verminous
Album: Impious Sacrilege
Release date: July 2003

01. Intro
02. Spawn Of Satan's Curse
03. Impious Genocide
04. Malevolent Effacement
05. Chanting Of Ghouls
06. Salvation By Extermination
07. Of Evil Blood
08. Grotesque Visions
09. Rapt In Malignity
10. Verminous Fluids

Spanish label Xtreem Music is on a crusade. Sign as much Old School Death Metal bands that emulates the Swedish touch, sadly not all cases are successful, though I've heard some pretty wicked releases from the Spanish label.

Anyway, Verminuous are another Swedish act obsessed with the Old School scene that inspired so many bands nowadays. But as bad-ass I might been lately in my reviews, I can't give this a bad score, at last a record that gives me that "Old-school" feeling!

Verminous are aggressive but not brutal, they have a pretty good share of melodies in their songs, which with a healthy amount of violence, kick ass vocals and insane drumming makes a perfect combo.
After a pretty useless intro, (properly named "Intro"), "Spawn Of Satan's Curse" comes shredding it's way off, and it doesn't stop there, all songs are a riff-fest of enormous proportions, while songs are rather short, they have plenty of variety, so you won't bore in any of them. Other killer songs are "Malevolent Effacement" , "Chanting Of Ghouls" and "Verminous Fluids". Most of The songs are complemented by small sound samples of -I assume- B-class horror movies, which gives a Grindcorish touch to the album.

I have no troubles with the production, while not superb, does the trick with ease and the cover art is very properly for the type of music.
If you have no trouble with "Evil" lyrics and want to have some share of aggression and violence in your stereo, do yourself a favor and get this release, while not the most best Death Metal release of the year, I must tell you that is quite enjoyable.

Written by Undercraft | 23.03.2004


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